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news: An Evening With Gil

Tuesday October 19, 2010

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  1. Gil,

    I have written a poem of inspired by your comeback, which reflects on your past experiences. How your fans relate; how I relate. I would be so honored to read this three minute peice at your show in Oakland at Yoshi’s. It is called YOUR DEMONS.
    It is deep, but appropriate as a part of your show.

    Please consider. Thank you.
    Jasmine Moon the Song Bee

    Comment left by Sonja 'Song Bee' · Tuesday November 2, 2010 · #

  2. pleaaaaaase come to brazil, i’m so sad you cancelled this month’s shows. :(

    Comment left by flavia · Wednesday November 10, 2010 · #

  3. Gil, I am writing and anthology/memoir of the poets that I knew through Lincoln University who are celebrated nationally and internationally – Langston Hughes, Larry Neal, Keorapetse Willie Kgositsile, Everett Hoagland, Ron Welburn, and you. I read your first novel when it was a draft and you lived in the old Ye Olde Lion’s Inn across from Sissy’s place. I taught at Lincoln then. Changed my name in the 70’s. Was James A. Johnson then. You used to stop by Jay Harris’s when he and his wife lived in Newark and I always came to hear you downstairs in the student center. Please contact me. You have the email address. Ja

    Comment left by Ja A. Jahannes · Monday November 15, 2010 · #

  4. where are you. My God how i miss you.I would just love to gaze at your face, you sing me a song, just hear your voice. Iam in New Orleans. Comin my way anytime? I can come your way. Say when you’‘l be singing and where. God bless you. You look a little tired. Have your travels made you weary. I will pray for us all. I guess we all are weary.It’s a job livin this life.504-208-9323
    cell 919-434-7907 say hello if you can. Peace to you. i’ve been lookin for you. Myra

    Comment left by myra kelly · Monday November 22, 2010 · #

  5. pleeeeeeeease come back to portugal, lisbon! i was so sad i couldnt see you perform last year. you’re the man!

    Comment left by marta · Wednesday January 12, 2011 · #

  6. I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read

    Comment left by Aqiqah · Thursday March 31, 2011 · #

  7. RIP Man!

    Comment left by OliverSteinn · Friday May 27, 2011 · #

  8. Danke für Deine Musik, Gil …

    Ich bin einfach nur traurig!


    Comment left by Sven Bussian · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  9. I am a 54-year old black women who grew up listening to ‘Mr Gil-Scott Heron’ (in the 70’s) and I say that with the up most respect of which he deserves. He was a man, a genius who could put into words his feeling of the on goings of the world and her problems, he was able to bring them to us in way that we all could relate. He had his demons who doesn’t, but he used them to enlighten us again on the world and man. I respected and loved the philosopher and man. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see him perform back in the day, but I had the privilege and the pleasure of seeing him in his comeback performances on thee different occasions and on each of them I was deeply moved and in ah. On one of those occasions my husband and I had our son with us, which meant another generation experiencing the philosophy of Mr. Heron; he thoroughly enjoyed it. His words will live on in future generations with my children and there children, it won’t die. In hearing of his death this morning I felt disbelief and sadness, but I am so glad I got to see him and hear his words up close. The world has lost a GREAT mind, a GREAT Philosopher of life, a father and a grandfather and I will miss him terribly.

    Comment left by zelda webster-lawson · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  10. Gil Scott-Heron and the Last Poets are the only true rap. Everything since has been black exploitation offering attitude over attainment, a monumental deceptive portrayal of black achievement in the USA.

    Everything else has been just to rip off the community just like Oprah exploited women by convincing them feelings have more substance than actions.

    Live on, GSH! You are the truth!

    Comment left by Brian · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  11. I am so beside myself. You said NY is Killin me! then you go to St.Luke’s and it’s finished. I am truly sad. You were a kindred soul. I never knew you. Didn’t attend you concerts (though I was annoyed I missed you at the Blue Note in NYC a few months ago), but your lyrics were about the pain and trials of our time here on this planet.

    I understood “The Bottle” really well. Not for myself but for others. You created a revolution with the “Revolution Will Not be Televised” I hate that you left us. It was time for your advanced soul to re-incarnate to the next level. May peace be with your daughter at this time.

    Rest in glory.


    Comment left by Marta Fernandez · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  12. Gil, you are a beautiful man. I feel so lucky that I got to meet you, even if it was only for a moment. We’ll keep working even while you’re gone.

    Comment left by AQ · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  13. I was saddened to hear the news today. I’ve been listening to GSH for about 35 years now, since I was in college. We lost a great American poet when Gil passed. RIP, man, and know that you touched thousands upon thousands of lives during your time on this earth. I believe that I am a better person for having been exposed to your work early in my life.

    Comment left by Greg Parker · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  14. Just told my sister da news of your passing. Together we recited. Pieces Of A Man. …I saw my grandma sweeping with her old straw broom. but she didn’ know what she was doing she could hardly understand she wa sweeping pieces of a man. we were introduced to you by my brother in law cause we had not heard you in new orleans. got to see you a few times. rest my brother and thanks for your expressions.

    Comment left by Tess · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  15. Gil,

    Thank you for giving all you had. You inspired, you provoked, you comforted and you spoke the truth.
    You will be sorely missed. . . but your thoughts and
    words will live on. I discovered you in college in
    1972 in Buffalo and finally got to see you in Chicago
    in the early 90’s. You are loved and will not be forgotten.

    Thank you.

    Larry Lundy

    Comment left by Larry Lundy · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  16. I loved your poems and your songs. We met once and you were un-forgetable. What a rich legacy you left. May you rest in God’s arms and find the peace in heaven you did not find on earth.

    Comment left by Ava · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  17. Very sad,a great man,every song told a story sometimes things you didn’t want to hear.I never got to see him and now never will.
    R.I.P you will not be forgotten.

    Comment left by Andy Hardy · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  18. awaking in ireland this sunday morning, i read the news of Gil Scott-Heron passing and am profoundly lonely to read this. To him I say: i always believe(d) you are one of the pure souls travelling amongst us, and I am honoured to have seen you many times in the 90’s in California and listened to your music to bring clarity and counsel during the most stressful time of life. your voice like the soothing waves of the ocean reveals goodness which will stay with time, i send love to you.

    Comment left by teresa oshea · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  19. Thank you for your inspiration! I love you man! R.I.P.

    Comment left by DerRalle · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  20. (Deepest Sympathies to the Scott Heron Family – and Loyal Fans)In Solute to the great lagecy of Gil Scot Heron: Verse: “Earth Quaking’ Foundaion Shaking’ Bias Breaking’ New Day Making’ ‘Change’ Acummulating’ Liberating’ Educating’ Stimulating’ ‘Change.’ When you Really think about it’ it was artist like “Gil Scot Heron” who (laid the Foundation’ for our Political leaders, (President Obama), ‘our (Musical Icons)’ (Our influential figures in Education), African / Kametic Study Departments – on most (Major College Campuses). Gil, Was a Pioneer and (Formost Talent: Melodic, Instrumental, and Lyrical Skillz – With a Message of Life) in the Industry of Music. As an Artist; (Gil invited me down to SOB’s in Manhattan: After hearing me perforn @ the Apollo: an (Original Composition and some of his Music): on Gary Byrd’s (GBE) I Had dialogue with his whole band: his keyboardist (Kim Jordan): his drummer Ron: His Music Changed my Life – I met Gil on several occasions – Once @ The Apollo theater on Imhotep’s Gary Byrd’s Radio Broadcast (The Global Black Experience) The last time @ NYC’s Carnigie Hall: Where he shared the Marque with (Mos Def) As an Artist: Gil Scot Heron’s Music (Created my Nich – and Satisfied my Ich – and Ignited my Curiosity) for the Written and Spoken Word) I have a Chapter in my Brand New Book (The Mechanics of the Rhyme: History Book; Music Heritage) In tribute to the one and only (Gil Scot Heron)(The Mechanics of the Rhyme: History Book; Music Heritage: Available on Amozan.Com Author Asirus Ma’at El: “(Let the Universe’ – ‘Record ‘Gil’s’ Verse’ ‘Truth – Crushed to the Earth’ Will Rise Agan:) Amen Ra: Peace Hetep

    Comment left by Asirus Ma'at El · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  21. His music touched on every important phase and moment of my life and felt special to me – I hated it when others didn’t “get him”. Connecting to his music and message was how many of us connected to the times we grew up in. I wish that young artists had the same passion for connection to others, the same respect for women, and the same dedication to using their art to change the world.

    Comment left by Tim · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  22. I was truly sad to hear you had gone,
    your influence touched something in me years ago. I will always look back fondly at the times when I first heard your beautiful words laid down to incredible beats. The ominous winding roads of the sierra nevada mountains will never be the same. Thank you for letting us in to your darkest thoughts and brightest hopes, keep shining Gil and lay down some truth in the beyond, they seriously need it!

    Comment left by hawaii guy · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  23. Ode To Gil

    Gil Scott thanks a lot
    For giving me strength,knowledge and courage
    Gil Scott thanks a lot
    You are a rebel for the cause

    Gil Scott you are a poet
    We know but oft’ not show it
    Gil Scott, Black Man
    With your words you take a stand

    Gil Scott you are a leader
    Speaking truth in your song
    Gil Scott you are a communicator
    Attempting to right societies wrongs

    A Poet
    A Black Man
    A Communicator, so daring
    That’s you to me

    Gil Scott-Heron

    Comment left by Everett K. Johnson · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  24. Dear Mr Scott-Heron,

    I don’t know where you are now.
    In paradise, in heaven – or in hell: I really cannot say.

    Wherever you are now, you lived the truth in this life, and refused to compromise.

    You warned us about the future; and now it’s upon us.

    You, sir, prayed for a brighter day for us all.

    You pleaded for true unity and dared us to live in solidarity.

    You uttered what we could not even begin to think, let alone say –
    you were raising consciousness along the way.

    At ease, Soldier!
    Your tour of duty is done.

    Rest in Peace, Mr Scott-Heron.
    Now, greet the Sun.

    from someone who is trying to live – not die:
    and all because you wouldn’t lie.

    Comment left by Tonnie. Sola · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  25. one word one wold, Real.

    Comment left by bob 61 · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  26. Gil Scott-Heron: Your voice and music reached me like nothing else could. You voice i heard like one of a brother; a father; a man….. how i would want silence to sound if i could hear it speak. Yours, like the voice of reason, experience, history, the voice which assures us it had recorded injustice (just as we begin to fear that noone was keeping account), a messenger who will speak the truth and relay to the gods (when all the other voices get lost in the obstruction), one clear voice, and what a voice it was!
    A voice of purity, strength, wisdom, the voice of worldly ancestors and at one with the voice of our own youth, youthful and fresh to the core, like the beauty of a morning dew and a sky filled with night stars. One which could gladly guide one from day to night, and night to day. The world felt a more special place to be, knowing you was somewhere in the background. And when possible, the foreground with the beauty and swiftness you delivered your song, and messages to people around the world. I do believe that anyone who saw you in concert would have their spirits moved outwards. I feel that you are one of the pure who move and have moved amongst us (once seen and heard, never forgotten). Love always be with you.

    Comment left by teresa oshea · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  27. Gil,
    Thank you for shaping our minds and helping us gain a social conscious. You will be missed!

    Comment left by Wayne · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  28. Gil,

    for me you are a true poet and the best songwriter there was.

    You gave guidance in every way.

    Your speech turned agression into positive force and no motion in to slow motion…which is better than no motion.

    In dark times your music will always be my candle.

    You will be honored and remembered always.

    Let those next to you feel grateful that they could spend time with you and not being sorrowful of loosing you to soon.

    Comment left by Lole Goering · Monday May 30, 2011 · #

  29. Gil Scott Heron and The Egyptians (say it loud!.avi)
    original link:

    Also on the home page at Dick Gregory’s amazing and informative

    Dear Friends and Fans of Gil Scott-Heron, It was was 40 years from the time Gil Scott Heron recorded the sound track on this mix until Barack Obama’s election as president of the United States and even in January of this year, 2011, his powerful voice seems to express the emotion of the moment. A poet to be sure.

    Comment left by White_Hawk · Monday May 30, 2011 · #

  30. We’re still sliding through
    completely new beginnings,
    searching out our every doubt
    …and sometimes winning…

    Comment left by Steve Roberts · Monday May 30, 2011 · #

  31. Hi Butch Albritton here I palyed with Gil he took me all over the world as his Drummer give me a call, or come and see me at 1900 Parkside Dr Mitchellville Md 20721 give me a call at H(301)249-4428 or cell (301)556-6251 he took me all over the world, I loved playing for him from Butch Albritton the Drummer

    Comment left by butch Albritton · Sunday June 5, 2011 · #

  32. Hi Butch Albritton here I palyed with Gil he took me all over the world as his Drummer give me a call, or come and see me at 1900 Parkside Dr Mitchellville Md 20721 give me a call at H(301)249-4428 or cell (301)556-6251 he took me all over the world, I loved playing for him from Butch Albritton the Drummer

    Comment left by butch Albritton · Sunday June 5, 2011 · #

  33. Gil Scott Heron, what a man of all seasons for us from the time you heard him utter any words you had to keep on listening to the message (s) as they were truth long before we realized any of some of the things going on around us, Gil Scott Heron spoke the truth always. No one ever to take you place in this life of truth.

    Comment left by Linda J Weatherspoon · Monday June 6, 2011 · #

  34. Hello Gil,
    I never wrote to you, but you often talked to me, from teen-age up to father-age, from the turntable, the tape player, the CD player or the scenes in Belgium and in London. It didn’t require any answer, just induced repeated emotion. You were like a member of my best friends group, just that you were very often out. Now you are gone for good, joining the very closed friends who left too soon. I feel alone. Hope you found them back. Pass my regards to my brothers. All my love.
    Yves, Brussels.

    Comment left by Yves Decelle · Tuesday June 7, 2011 · #

  35. this is a real rapper! all the other need to side down…….

    Comment left by schaffer · Wednesday June 22, 2011 · #

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