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news: Statement about tonight's scheduled Royal Festival Hall appearance

Tuesday April 20, 2010

As you will be aware, English airspace has been closed due to volcanic ash spreading across the UK from Iceland. Unfortunately, and despite many rebooked flights and possible alternative travel arrangements, this has resulted in Gil Scott-Heron being unable to reach London and extremely regrettably his appearance has had to be cancelled. We are currently looking for an alternative date for this performance.

At this time we expect Saturday 24 April’s sold-out performance to go ahead as planned although this is dependent on flights being available. As soon as information becomes available we will update our website.


  1. And the Edinburgh gig tomorrow – April 21st – cancelled too?

    Comment left by JohnW · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  2. I wish I had a ticket I just discovered Gil this morning where have I been. I am 4yrs older than him he is fantastic & bright. WoW :-)

    Comment left by Heather Fisher · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  3. Please can you tell me if the Edinburgh concert is still scheduled to happen tomorrow night – Wednesday 21st April 2010.


    Jon Busby

    Comment left by JON BUSBY · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  4. I have tickets for tonight at the Royal Festival Hall and I am gutted that it has been cancelled but of course understand why. I have been a fan of Gil’s music for many years, my husnamd introduced me to him. His new album is brilliant and I never tire of listening to it on my IPod. Look forward to seeing the great man live very soon.

    Comment left by Sarah · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  5. Hi what,s happening with Edinburgh Picture
    House gig 21 st april ? people would be travelling from all over Scotland to this show, and it is SOLD Out.

    Comment left by Martin · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  6. Edinburgh Picture House say it is still on and are insisting alternative flights will be found. Here is their No. 0844 847 1740 and choose option 4 to speak to someone. Keep phoning.

    Comment left by Ger · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  7. Please don’t play in Israel and apartheid state. Think of the Palestinians.

    Comment left by Fergal Scully · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  8. Will Aberdeen go ahead if the RFH and Edinburgh are cancelled.

    Comment left by Martin Smith · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  9. According to picturehouse website,Edinburgh show cancelled.

    Comment left by sappororamen · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  10. Just had an email from Pict House saying tomorrow’s Edin gig’s cancelled/postponed.

    Hope it can be – as has been suggested in same email – rescheduled. Bummer…

    Comment left by iainiain · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  11. Please don’t listen to the Israel obsessives, there’s two sides to everything and anyway it’s silly to target a whole country just because the government are jerks.

    Comment left by anonymous · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  12. Hey Brother Gil!
    don’t support apartheid, man! don’t play in tel aviv. the palestinian struggle is the same as the african american struggle in the united states.
    take a stand, brother, and say no to occupation and apartheid against palestinians!
    you rock!

    Comment left by Free Palestine · Tuesday April 20, 2010 · #

  13. Ode, and plea, to GSH

    Whitey’s on the moon, Gil.
    He’s on the West Bank too.
    Why’s he in the Middle East?
    Skin white, eyes blue.

    Palestine’s a broken place
    Pieces of a land
    Broken up by Whitey, Gil
    Different country, same man

    Israeli soldiers everyday:
    “Let me see your ID”
    Sun City song you chose to play
    Now you’re booked for Tel Aviv?

    NO EXIT at the checkpoint
    “Free will” just don’t exist
    Did you hear what they said Gil?
    Your solidarity is missed

    Don’t know how much they’re payin, Gil
    For Israel to reserve you
    All I know is, you’re too good
    Zionism don’t deserve you

    I know you’re gonna see it soon
    You’ll come to realize
    The revolution will not, should not
    Ever be Tel-Avivized

    Gabrielle Tierney

    Comment left by Any Means Necesssary · Wednesday April 21, 2010 · #

  14. Edinburgh Picture House is stating on their website Monday 26th April is CONFIRMED new date for Gil gig. Is this the case as I think it maybe rather optimistic, the way backlog
    of flights are. Also Gils management please note , please give other people info about cancelled or rescheduled concerts , there is more to the UK than just London.
    P.S. Gil has played shows MANY times outside of London, when in UK.

    Comment left by Martin · Wednesday April 21, 2010 · #



    Comment left by michael deutsch · Wednesday April 21, 2010 · #



    Comment left by Jack · Wednesday April 21, 2010 · #

  17. Please don’t play Apartheid israel. A country
    that is right now committing ethnic cleansing
    in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. A county
    conducting an illegal blockade on a million
    and a half Palestinians in Gaza and a country
    guilty of war crimes. Please reconsider.

    Comment left by Andre · Wednesday April 21, 2010 · #

  18. Please, Mr. Scott-Heron, don’t perform in Tel Aviv. As you may know, Israel promotes apartheid agains the Palestinian people. Please, don’t go!

    Comment left by Miquel · Wednesday April 21, 2010 · #

  19. If the Scotish dates have been recomfirmed,when are the postponed London dates to be announced.We have allegedly been refunded and tickets for Satuday are sold out.It seems unfair if he dont play to the fans in london that managed to get seats for the first show

    Comment left by Jenkooo2002 · Thursday April 22, 2010 · #

  20. Dear Gil,

    We write to urge you not to perform in Israel next month. This is done in the name of millions of Palestinians living under an Apartheid system no different (and probably worse) than the system that existed in South Africa before Nelson Mandela liberated his land. We urge you to stand by justice for the Palestinians who have suffered for 62 years of colonial occupation under the Zionist Israeli regime. You know it. You have seen it. You saw Gaza last year and you saw what Israel did there. If you stand for justice and international law, then you will stand up for the Palestinian people.

    Do not let commercial interests stand in the way of a decision that can be courageous and pro-active. If you do have to go, then say something courageous about Israeli inhumanity and injustice. Call for the end of occupation and do not be afraid. Mandela was never afraid to say what he believed in. Your art has no boundaries.

    We hope you will stand up for justice.

    Comment left by Antoine Raffoul · Thursday April 22, 2010 · #

  21. Hi Gil, I’m a long time italian fan who I bought a couple of tickets for this saturday gig at Royal Festival Hall London. Unfortunately due to flight crisis I’ll not be able to come there. For this reason those 2 tickets are available for sale (exactly at the paid price) over the eBay. Let’s buy them! Fortunately I’ve already bought new tickets for your gig in Milan! See you on wednesday. Cheers. Luca

    Comment left by Luca from Italy · Thursday April 22, 2010 · #

  22. Can someone provide an update as to whether the gig in Manchester on Sunday will be on or not?

    Many Thanks

    Comment left by scott · Thursday April 22, 2010 · #

  23. Some information on the liklihood of this weekend’s gigs going ahead would be great, I’m due to travel to Manchester for Sunday after having London cancelled earlier this week.

    Surely it must be possible to get some indictaion of whether Gil is going to be able to get to the UK.

    Everyone appreciates that we have had some exceptional circumstances over the past week or so, but finding any information seems to be near impossible.

    Comment left by Duncan · Thursday April 22, 2010 · #

  24. Can you please tell me if Saturday’s (24th)Festival Hall gig is going ahead? I keep checking websites, but the same ‘likely’ statement is everywhere.
    I really need to know as I have a long distance to travel and arrangements to make.

    Comment left by Stuart · Thursday April 22, 2010 · #

  25. Just received this email:
    Gil Scott Heron – Don’t go to Israel
    Women of Colour – UK, US,
    Palestine – say
    Don’t lend credibility to Apartheid!

    Millions of us grew up with Gil Scott Heron’s inspiring poetry and music that voiced our struggles against racism, sexism, apartheid and other injustice. “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” is still iconic. Irish film-makers took the title for their film documenting how the people of Venezuela reversed the coup against President Chavez and their revolution.

    Given Scott Heron’s earlier commitments to the anti-racist movement, including a principled refusal to play Sun City during the struggle against South African apartheid, we are deeply shocked that he has agreed to play in Tel Aviv. As an anti-apartheid champion of the 80s who lived through brutal segregation and racist lynchings in the US, and was imprisoned, Scott-Heron’s lack of compassion for Palestine is inexplicable.

    The Palestinian people have been dispossessed and their lands occupied, they have been walled in, imprisoned, starved and bombed by Israel. Children shot in their schools. Archbishop Desmond Tutu has described apartheid in Palestine as even worse than that in South Africa.

    Palestinian people have called us to support their resistance to genocide, including the boycott of goods, culture, education — everything empowering the Israeli state. The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) has forwarded us the Open Letter from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel which we recommend.

    Gil Scott Heron’s 25 May performance will break the international boycott of Israel, at a time when support for Palestine has never been greater or more vital for anti-racists.

    Why is he turning his back on the suffering and struggle of the Palestinian people, and giving credibility to Israel, a modern apartheid State? Please help get the message to Gil Scott-Heron:

    Gil, don’t go—Women of Colour Say No!
    Don’t support the racist state of Israel! Don´t support genocide!

    Women of Colour in the Global Women’s Strike

    Comment left by Yaael Kahn · Thursday April 22, 2010 · #

  26. Stuart [#24]
    I suggest you call the South Bank Centre:
    020 7960 4200
    I have just called on your behalf, but they replied they don’t know. If it isn’t too late for your travel, call tomorrow morning after 10am, they might have an update.

    I have also just called on your behalf, one of his contacts:
    +1 (212) 828 8746
    Got through only to a voicemail.
    Try: +1 (917) 508 6246 or
    Good luck

    Comment left by Yael Kahn · Thursday April 22, 2010 · #

  27. Just been informed by Southbank/Festival Hall that Gil and band have landed safely in UK – woopee!!
    Can’t wait till tomorrow night’s performance.

    Good luck everyone with their gigs across the UK and Europe

    Comment left by Stuart · Friday April 23, 2010 · #

  28. Scot & Duncan

    I have spoken with Royal Festival Hall [Southbank] and they confirmed Gil has arrived in London. So Manchester is on.

    Would you ask Gil not to play in Tel Aviv?

    Comment left by Yael Kahn · Friday April 23, 2010 · #

  29. Had front row tickets for Monday night’s conversation and great seats for Tuesday so gutted all week. I am going to stop whinging and find another gig as, for some reason, I thought the Jazz Cafe (circa 2001) was going to be the last time I would have a chance to see you.

    This said, the acoustics at the Royal Festival Hall are the best I know in the UK and only the BEST can pull off performing there – and you are definitely one of the best mate!!

    John Mc – South London

    Comment left by John London · Friday April 23, 2010 · #

  30. Dear Mr. Scott-Heron,

    I’m a big fan, and sooo glad to see you going back into the public light. I’ve been supporting your music from the mid 1970s on, last saw you in Chicago around 1978.

    You sang “Johanesburg”. At the end of the song the lyrics add: “Detroit’s like Johanesburg, etc.”


    What in the freakin world are you doing going to support APARTHEID against Palestinians?!

    Comment left by T.M. Scruggs · Friday April 23, 2010 · #

  31. Sitting here this evening listening to live recordings by Gil, and weeping into my hands having been disappointed by the cancelled show on Tuesday. Saw Gil last time he was over here at the Jazz Cafe. Stood at the foot of the stage in a venue with a capacity of 186. Marvellous.
    Peace and good wishes to you Gil, and everybody in your team. PLEASE do see what you can do about getting back here as soon as possible. If ever we needed your voice and thoughts, it’s gotta be now.

    Comment left by brian stoat · Saturday April 24, 2010 · #

  32. I like listen to you, but please do not go to a place of oppression, and get paid by the oppressors. Please do’nt go. It would be a sad moment for all of us who love your mind of music.
    Frigga from Austria

    Comment left by Frigga · Saturday April 24, 2010 · #

  33. I used to buy and listen to your stuff. I have just put the lot iin the bin. You are a disgrace. Outside the Royal Festival Hall is a bust of Mandela. Would he have done an Israeli gig?

    I think not.

    Comment left by bruce burgess · Saturday April 24, 2010 · #

  34. Dear Gil

    Having seen your gig at the South bank festival hall on April 24 2010 and having listened to your music for most of my adult life I just wanted to say I think you’re a pure delight and totally love what you do. I don’t know much about various political scenarios around the world and assuming that’s what the hecklers were yelling about, I’m only sorry for the commotion they caused during the gig.
    Gil please take care of yourself, you have an outstanding talent and you need to take care of yourself now.
    with love and much respect, Lynne

    Comment left by Lynne · Saturday April 24, 2010 · #

  35. Where’s the announcement confirming your cancellation of the Tel Aviv gig? It would be much better news than the one about London.

    Comment left by Nihal · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  36. I felt bad for you, after the pro-Palestine mob tried to take over last night. You’re surely too much of an individual to cave into single-issue bullies. Them trying to hijack your gigs harms the cause of justice for Palestine. Don’t be agitated by mass-produced agitators. Just cos they shout louder than the rest of us, doesn’t mean they’re right!

    Comment left by action mind · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  37. thanks for a great night gil. unfortunatly the gig was spoiled by two young chaps who clapped, moved in their seats to the rhythm of the music, shouted a couple of times and at one point were seen to be clearly enjoying themselves unlike the rest of us stuck up toffs who clapped when permitted and remained icy cold and pale and soulless throughout the entire occasion.

    you all may have heard gil
    but we felt him

    peace out brother gil – hope to see you somewhere better suited next time around with a crowd that actually have a pulse.

    Comment left by jamie grover · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  38. Man, what a load of pointless left-wing bulshit.
    You guys are so caught up in Palestinian propaganda you haven’t got an inkling of the situation in Israel.
    Painting this situation as any sort of apartheid just demonstrates how badly informed you are.

    First, what most people tend to forget is that Israeli was the home of the Jewish people for 2,000 years, and the place where Judaism was born. Resisting Zionism is similar to someone resisting an afro-American’s rights to return to his home in Africa, were the slave traders kidnapped his ancestors and sent them to the US as slaves. The same was done to the Jewish people some 2000 years ago by Rome.
    Still, a Jewish settlement existed throughout the years in Israel – though suffering from constant violence from the Palestinian population – themselves immigrants from surrounding Arab countries.

    After being slaughtered in Europe during the second-world war- one can understand the Jewish people’s insistence of forging a home of their own on their historical birth – instead of continuing to live as outcasts and suffering from the same religious prosecution they suffered in England in the middle-ages, in Russia in the 19th century (“Pogroms”) or in World-War II Europe.

    One last thing – this senseless painting of the latest Israeli attack on Gaza as a one-sided slaughter of innocence is either biased or just plain ignorant. After forcibly removing Israeli settlers from surrounding areas to Gaza – the local Hamas regime (a self-proclaimed terrorist organization that has killed hundreds of Israeli woman and children) responded by firing missiles on Israeli cities – targeting citizens. After 6 months of futile attempts at a political resolution the Israeli army responded by targeting Hamas leaders and terrorist infrastructures – in which these “freedom fighters” used Palestinian citizens as living shields. That was well documented in numerous occasions.

    In any case, want to make a change? Instead of sitting on your cushy euro/American seats and being fed by the internet and television – why not make a change and actually come to Israel? After speaking to Palestinian citizens, come and talk to the thousands of family members of the victims of Palestinian terrorism, speak to the families of the 2 unarmed reserve soldiers who where beaten to death and then dismembered by a fanatic Palestinian mob in Ramallah, or to the parents of Shalhevet pass, the 10 month baby who was shot in the head by a Palestinian sniper – freedom fighters indeed.

    This- is the other side of the lies you are helping to spread:

    Comment left by Allan · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  39. All you two-faced British broken hearts are making my ears bleed. Why don’t you call for international artists to boycott England while your at it for what it’s doing in Iraq? or Ireland? or what it did to Scotland, Wales, India – should I go on?

    It’s always easy passing judgment so easily -even when living in a brittle glass house yourselves…

    Why not boycott Islamic artists for their religious leaders’ insistence of treating women as slaves? to cover them from head to toe? to marry to off to adults when they’re as young as 9? or for calling for the death of any non-Muslim in the UK?

    Instead you’re comparing the only democracy in the middle-east to an apartheid state – just coming off as hysterical ignoramus…

    Hypocrisy if there ever was one..

    Comment left by Jesus saves · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  40. for your talent and you courage, you were my hero.
    for your honesty and power, you were my role model.
    when i first heard your music, my life changed.
    and for the 10 years since then my admiration grew.
    the more history i learned- the more i admired you and what you stood for.
    the time and the place in which you voiced your truth made you my hero.
    i am an Israeli and i am ashamed for what my country does every day.
    i am ashamed of my country the same way you were ashamed of yours.
    i am angry at my country for its oppression the same way you were angry at yours for its own.
    when i heard you were going to israel i was shocked. but when i saw you last night in london, when i heard you shouting insults at your admirers who were asking you for an explanation, that’s when i lost my hero.
    your present is shaming your glorious past.
    but IT’S NOT TOO LATE, and i still have (a little bit) of faith left.
    please, right this wrong.
    please, keep standing strong for the oppressed people of the world.
    that is your gift,and that is your power.

    Comment left by Abigail, an ashamed Israeli. · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  41. Gil, Israel is a wonderful country, please take no notice of the calls for you to cancel your Tel Aviv gig. These protagonists are a vocal tiny minority of far-left fascists, anarchists and people who want to see Israel wiped off the map. Their agendas are sinister and vicious – which can be seen in the language and nuances of their messages. They wallow in hatred and I promise you, they do not help the Palestinians’ plight.
    Play the gig and pen an article or make a statement at the gig which represents your views, this is how it is done.

    Comment left by Strummer · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  42. A response to post 18 and 19.
    Firstly, Zionism up until the end of World War II was a minority movement amongst Jewish people. Today Zionism, despite its claims, does not represent all Jewish people. Zionism is a political ideology adhere to by SOME Jewish people but not all.

    Palestinians were not responsible for the Holocaust but they are expect to pay the price.

    Israel is not a victim, it is the aggressor, the occupier and the oppressor. It is carrying out an illegal occupation under international law of Palestinian territory. It is carrying out state sanctioned terrorism against an unarmed civilian population, which has no standing army, airforce or navy.

    The violence of resistance to occupation and oppression is different from the violence of oppressor. Under international law, an occupied people have the right to carry out armed resistance.

    In 2008, Haaretz – a leading Israeli newspaper – printed a small article today which outlines that in the 60 years since “independence” the number of Israeli civilians killed in “terror acts” is 1,634. According to the article 14,000 have been wounded in this 60 year period.

    According the most recent figures from PCHR since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada in September 2000 until March 4, 2008 (a period of 7.5 years) the number of Palestinian civilians killed is 3615. PCHR’s figures reveal that 25,650 Palestinian civilians have been wounded in this 7.5 year period. BTselem’s (an Israeli human rights organisation) figures are very similar, backing up the PCHR figures.

    In a period of 7.5 years, Israel killed twice as many Palestinian civilians, as the number of Israelis killed in “terror acts” in a period of 60 years. In 7.5 years, 25,650 Palestinian civilians were injured as a result of Israeli state terrorism, nearly double the number of Israelis injured as a result of “terror acts” in 60 year period. Consider these figures and then consider why it is the Palestinians are resisting Israeli occupation and oppression.

    I have lived and worked in both Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Many, many Israelis oppose the policies of their government. Each week, they go to the occupied territories and stand in solidarity with their Palestinian brothers and sisters to oppose what the Israeli state is doing, saying “not in my name”. I have worked with hundreds of Jewish activists from around the world who have given their time to come and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, to say Israel does not speak for me as a Jewish person.

    And finally to “Jesus Saves”, opposing Israeli apartheid does not mean we do not oppose other forms of oppression. Nearly every Palestine solidarity activist I know is involved in other human rights campaigns.

    And as for hypocrisy, as some you identifies themselves under the title “Jesus Saves”, why are you not speaking out and supporting the struggle of Palestinian Christians? Ask any Palestinian Christian living in Palestine and they will tell you that the biggest oppressor they face is the Israeli state, not Muslims. Their struggle against oppression, is the same as the struggle of their Muslim brothers and sisters against Israeli oppression and occupation.

    AS someone who has lived in Palestine for more than a year and travelled widely for extended periods of time in other Muslim countries, I have experience more sexism in my home country (a supposed western democracy) than I ever experience in Arabic countries.

    And if you are going to criticise Islam for the way it supposedly treats women, then please stop being a hypocrite and criticise Christian and Jewish sects for their poor treatment of women as well. There are many Christian sects which treat women as second class citizen and there are also many Jewish sects which do the same.

    In Israel itself, many Jewish women from the Orthodox communities are struggling against regressive religious laws and ideas which treat women as second class citizens. Take sometime and educate yourself about these issues, instead of sprouting your uneducated racist ideas.

    Finally, Israel is not a democracy for all it citizens. Firstly it has no constitution which guarantees equal rights for all its citizens. Secondly, it has more than 20 laws that actively discriminate against non-Jewish citizens in the area of land rights, education, employment and other rights. It is illegal under Israeli law to call for or stand for parliament on a platform that calls for complete and utter equality of all citizens, regardless of their religious back ground. Israel regularly racially profiles its own “Israeli-Arab” citizens (ie. Palestinians with Israeli citizenship) enacting discriminatory policies in a range of areas  including travel, legal rights and right to dissent.

    Comment left by Miki · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  43. Correction: that should have been post 38 and 39, not 18 and 19. My apologies for any confusion.

    Comment left by Miki · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  44. The ignorance of those trying to disrupt concerts etc should be enough to strengthen the resolve of those demonstrated against to continue with their plans to perform in Israel and to host Israeli performers here in the UK
    The lies disseminated by some of the posters here and their total ignorance of the reality of the situaton, history and context of this conflict or concern for the children in southern Israel who have been nearly 10 years in the line of Hamas fire, shows them up as the bigots they are
    And as for ashamed Israeli you should indeed be ashamed, not of Israel, but of yourself for being a part of the network that spreads the lies.
    No country deserves the term “apartheid” less than Israel with its myriad of religions, races and nationalities
    Suggesting you ask Palestinian Christians just who is oppressing them is a good idea as it is well documented that they have been driven out by terror imposed by their own people, not Israel. Thank God for the many loyal Christian Friends of Israel who constantly promote the truth.
    Can anyone tell me and the anti Israel brigade why it is that Israeli Arabs voted with their feet when it was suggested many of them might come under Palestinian rule, and queued in their droves to get their Israeli passports to ensure they remained in Israel. None of the allegations in this post stand up to scrutiny when you scratch below the surface. But then the Palestine Solidarity and the International Solidarity
    Movement and Jews for Justice for the Palestinians and their ilk never did let the truth get in the way of a good Israel bashing story. Like the young boy from Gaza whose death at the hands of the IDF was described in graphic detail only for him to return home safe and well without a scratch having been held captive by the
    Egyptians or the so called “massacre” in Jenin that never happened
    Finally no Jewish woman is a “second class citizen” nor do they have to fear honour killings

    Comment left by Joy · Sunday April 25, 2010 · #

  45. Well done Jimmy Groovy! Did you sing the words too? You are definitely Gil’s biggest fan in the whole world. You were so wrapped up in the music you were feeling that you were watching the audience all night? Gil was the tall fella with the cap on throughout by the way. Yawn.

    Comment left by Dweeb Detector · Monday April 26, 2010 · #

  46. Dear Gil.
    In the 70s, when you started fighting your battles to free the imprisoned minds of your brothers and sisters, I wasn’t aware of your political aims and impact. Back then I was living under a tight communist regime in East Germany and Russian was my second language. Pirate radio stations introduced me to your songs and your voice had the most enchanting effect on me. Ever since I followed your music and since English became my second language your songs helped me surviving some of the trickiest challenges life has to offer. I want to thank you for that. I appreciate your fighting spirit that helps you surviving all of your incredible personal life challenges. When I finally saw you in London last Saturday you reassured me that you are one of my big idols. You survive and you stand up and your mind stays razor sharp. You impressed me in how you dealt with a rather selfish and difficult crowd calling themselves activists. It probably amused you more than anything. I wish you all the best for whatever your future plans might be. Definitely lots of music, I’m sure of it! I hope I will see you again. Well done!

    Comment left by Jacqueline · Monday April 26, 2010 · #

  47. Dear Mr. Heron:

    my mother was the wife of Calvin Hernton, whom you may know as a by no means uncelebrated African-American professor of English at Oberlin College, poet and author on matters of racism in modern North America. We spent an incredible summer in Israel in 2001, before he tragically died of cancer, later that year.

    Well, be that as it may, my speciality is Jewish not Black history, although I love all kinds of music, especially dance music, again of all kinds, and used to dance extensively, before becoming crippled a few years ago.

    But to put some people straight on this thread, who really do not know whereof they speak:

    Zionism is the national liberation movement of a good part of the Jewish people.

    It is every bit as legitimate as Palestinian Muslim and Christian nationalism, that sought from its inception to exclude, dispossess then eliminate Palestinian and even other Jews.

    Jews have been regarded as a people dispossessed of temple, city and land, by most Christians and Muslims in European, North African, Asian and especially Palestinian Christendom and Islam, for most of Christian and Islamic history.

    One consequence of this was that, even in the 19th and 20th centuries, Jews in Europe, North Africa and Asia were regarded as more nationally Judean or ‘Palestinian’ than, say, European or Arab, and were either killed, or effectively driven out: before 1914, mostly to America, after 1914, mostly to Palestine, or what became Israel.

    Which is why the Jewish state of Israel is the second or largest, most Jewish community in the world today.

    Palestinian Muslims and Christians effected a form of religious apartheid against Palestinian and other Jews for centuries, believing, as they did, that Jews had been largely dispossessed of temple, Jerusalem and the land of Israel as a punishment for their rejection of Jesus and the prophets; to Jews’ humiliation and Christians’ and Muslims’, especially Palestinian Christians’ and Muslims’, respective exaltation. It was the normative imperial Christian and Islamic view that Jews would remain a people largely dispossessed and in exile, as a permanent sign of the superiority of their faith-civilizations. It was only in the 17th century that some north European Protestants began to conceive another view, the first Christians to do so in Christian history.

    Jews have unsurprisingly have had quite a different view historically, very different to the imperial Christian and Islamic meta-narrative: Orthodox Jews have prayed thrice daily for the restoration of the people of Israel to the land of Israel for over a thousand years.

    With the fraying of the imperial Ottoman Islamic infrastructure, Jews began to be able increasingly to return to the land through the bureaucratic gaps, and the Palestinian Muslim and Christian nationalist movement evolved to exclude Jews as much as possible, to keep them to their former tiny numbers in the land.

    The modern European Christian imperial representatives in the land also protected Palestinian Jews from normative Palestinian Arab Muslim contempt or abuse, which also served to spur Palestinian Islamic resentment.

    In the 1920s, 30s and 40s, the Palestinian Muslim and Christian nationalist movement evolved from being merely exclucivist towards Palestinian and other Jews, to seeking to dispossess or eliminate them.

    That arguably remained the goal of the PLO, whose 1968 charter would only allow those Jews resident in Palestine before 1917 to become Palestinian citizens, until at least 1988. It arguably remains the goal of Hamas today.

    The modern Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions movement adopts pretty much wholesale the Palestinian Muslim and Christian nationalist line from the 1920s, 30s and 40s: Jews had no intrinsic right of return; Palestinian Musiims and Christians had every right to keep them out; Palestinian Muslims and Christians have committed no substantial wrong or injustice against Palestinian or other Jews.

    In other words, it is (to use a term contested in race studies but for which I cannot think immediately of an alternative) a whitewash, intended to portray the Jews concerned as colonizing-crucifying a kind of Palestinian Muslim and Christian national Christ.

    This is ironic given not only the facts outlined above but that, in 1947, when Palestinian Jews accepted compromise and partition, the leaders of Palestinian and other Arab Muslims and Christians thought it more important to deny Jews a state than acquire one for their own people.

    Given that the BDS movement is explicitly dedicated to the dissolution of the Jewish state of Israel, they are arguably continuing the same policy today.

    Palestinian and Israeli Jews are not saints. They have done bad things, including acts of ethnic cleansing in the 1948-49 war. But the same thing was threatened against them, or worse, by Palestinian and other Arab Muslims and Christians, and similar things, far worse, in fact, happened in the civil wars that birthed other states, whose legitimacy no one questions. Only the one Jewish state in the world. Despite its being surrounded by umpteen ethnically Arab or Islamic states, including a Palestinian Arab nationalist movement that was highly discriminatory or exclusory towards Jews from its birth.

    Jews have been regarded as a people dispossessed or ethnically cleansed for nigh on 2000 years. Most Palestinian refugees still live within the borders of originally British ruled Palestine. From the 1940s, 850 000 Jews were effectively expelled from the Arab and Islamic world, in accord with the original policy outlined by the Palestinian nationalist leadership, and then adopted by the Arab League.

    Please, Mr. Heron, do not be deceived into pursuing the same partisan nationalist line, one that seeks to deny all legitimacy to the Jewish nationalist side, but accord every legitimacy to the Palestinian Muslim and Christian.

    Please, go to Tel Aviv, and speak for the right of both peoples to return, national self-determination in the land, and its holy places, which are not bodies of flesh, but are made of earth and stone, and which may be divided and shared, without injury.

    Urge both parties to resume the talks begun at Camp David II and ended at Taba. Urge all parties adopt the principles outlined in The Geneva Accord

    which most experts assume will be the basis for a two state solution. Urge the Likud Netanyahu government to drop its line that Jerusalem will never be divided. Rather that it can be divided, east, west, old and new, to serve as the capital of two states, Israeli and Palestinian. Division along borders on the ’67 lines, or with territory swapped in equal area from within Israel for any annexed. Right of return of both peoples to their own respective states, or compensation.

    This is the politics of the real world. Not the inevitably bloodbathed reality of the ideologue’s vision fulfilled.

    Summum ius summa iniustia:

    extreme justice is extreme injustice

    Comment left by zkharya · Monday April 26, 2010 · #

  48. ‘In a period of 7.5 years, Israel killed twice as many Palestinian civilians, as the number of Israelis killed in “terror acts” in a period of 60 years.’

    Fatah and Hamas started a war instead of continuing negotiations. The winning side usually kills more of the losing than vice versa, and Israel is far from being among the more disproportionate in response.

    As for inequalities in Israeli society: yes, these exist, as in all societies. But other states discriminate in favour of certain groups e.g. Greece, Germany, Ireland and Italy all have laws of ethnic return.

    The surrounding Arab and Islamic states are profoundly discriminatory against minorities, far more so than Israel. The Palestinian Muslim and Christian nationalist movement is a case study in anti-Jewish racism and discrimination.

    It is one thing to fight for better rights for Israeli Arab Christians and Muslims (who enjoy more rights than any Jew, and many Christians and Muslims, anywhere in the Arab Islamic world). It is another to do so on the basis that Zionism and the Jewish state of Israel are intrinsically illegitimate or racist when, in fact, Jewish nationalism has not been intrinsically different in its goals or claims to any modern national movement, the Palestinian Muslim and Christian included.

    Jews had the disadvantage of being an historically dispossessed people so, whereas, say, Palestinian Muslims and Christians already had a territory on which to form a state, Jews had to beg the powers that be for the permission and ability to return, paying, incidentally, the highest land prices in the world from Palestinian Muslims and Christians who were prepared to sell.

    It was the tragedy of the Palestinian Muslim and Christian nationalist movement that it thought it more important to deny Jews a state than acquire one for itself.

    It looks a little like the largely white, western, cultural, if rather ignorant Christian BDS movement is intent on the same policy.

    Comment left by zkharya · Monday April 26, 2010 · #

  49. ‘In a period of 7.5 years, Israel killed twice as many Palestinian civilians, as the number of Israelis killed in “terror acts” in a period of 60 years.’

    Just reading that closely, I now see it is utter balderdash: since the start of the 2nd Intifada, Israel has killed approximately 7000 Palestinians for over a thousand Israelis. Israelis killed more Palestinians than vice versa. But Palestinians killed as many Israelis as they could. 100s of 1000s of civilians have died in Afghanistan and Iraq. How many US or Europeans died from Iraqi or Afghani missiled, remind me? The Turks killed 10s of 1000s of Kurds in the 1990s. The Russians 100s of 1000s of Chechnyans. From January 2009, Sri Lanka killed 10s of 1000s of Tamils.

    You want the deaths to stop? Fine. But not by seeking justice for one side at the cost of injustice to the other.

    In 60 years 22 000 Israelis, civilian and combatant have died, approximately 9500 in terror attacks. Approximately 80 000 Arabs (and that is the maximalist figure) have died, including Palestinians.

    These are not vastly disproportionate figures. Especially when you consider that 100-150 000 died in the Lebanese Civil War alone.

    No side that wins any conflict, or who is at least not defeated or destroyed, kills one for one. Nobody. And it ridiculous to insist that the one Jewish state in the world, alone of all states in the world, does so.

    Comment left by zkharya · Monday April 26, 2010 · #

  50. As one of the Hasbara trolls above wrote, “Israel is a wonderful country”. This is absolutely true if you are Jewish, have a white European skin, and are wealthy. It’s a country that sucks like most countries if your skin is dark. And it is absolute hell if you are Palestinian, much worse than apartheid South Africa.

    Please do not play apartheid. The stain will never leave you.

    Comment left by Evildoer · Monday April 26, 2010 · #

  51. I remember the first itme I heard you… WPKN, Bridgeport, Ct…way back when. Your music opened a door for me, politically and musically. That door eventually led me to the Palestinian struggle. If it’s true that you cancelled your Tel Aviv show, I want to say THANK YOU!

    Comment left by TA · Monday April 26, 2010 · #

  52. I do not understand why artists should boycott Israel.
    Yes, beyond the endless idelogical arguments thrust upon us here by various protesters about colonial this and ethhnic cleansing that, there is a way that is insightful and that doesnt monopolise on morality, reason or intelligence. That way is not wholly the way of the protesters, as they would have you belive.

    Its just that all this inflammatory language that has been commandeered to destroy any hopes of peace by the objectors is racist and incorrect.

    Firstly; the PLO are not the ANC.

    Secondly; Apartheid in South Africa was a system based on racial ideas of superiority put in place by white colonists.
    BUT Half of Israelis are at least middle eastern in their genetic origins, there are some african jews too as well as the white europeans jews that are always been emphasised. Because to talk of “the whitey” gives weight to the struggle of resistance, but the non-white jews are always ignored in this debate. The wall was promarlioy built to prevent the waves of sucide bombers that used to day trip over into Israel on a daily basis. That has completely stopped now. Harsh but true. No babies and mothers getting blown up in pizza restaurants. No teenage kids in night clubs, working folk on buses. Put it in context people.

    Thirdly; Arafat was offered a settling peace deal with Israel and refused because he wanted glory and the big prize. He refused it at Sharm el Sheikh.
    Since then: Clinton got impreached for a blowjob and Bush got in and Barak was voted out due to being seen as unable to bring peace. Who says that these peoples politics arent interdependent and co-dependent??
    and, where are Yassers billions now; the PLO national treasury is in the hands of his ex-wife and not in the hands of the people. Since he refused back in 2000, clinton went, Barak went, arafat died, theres been an intifada. Sharon got voted in built a wall, Israel withdrew from Gaza and Hamas got it. There have been 2 intersate wars etc. Hardly been a good build on the 1994 olso accords is it?

    Please refer to the lyrics for Work for Peace “if everyone who wanted peace, who says they wanted, we would have it”

    fourthly: to talk of zionism and judaism as seperate, they are not. Zionism is Judaism. Even the nuturei karta should they think the messiah has arrived, they too will be zionist. Its a detail. And then to talk of “Muslim lands” and deny Jewish or christian residence in these lands, its hypocritical. To say that over a whole region one people should be in religious and cultural dominance over all others, but in one small land another should not be allowed. That sounds like cultural imperialism to me. The stuff of monoculture.

    fifthly; Kurds, Armenians are just 2 examples of losers in the post WW nation state building of the middle east. I dont exactly see the protesters lobbying, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran over these issues. The thing is, the middle eastern regimes eport their internal contradictions on to the israel issue and use it as a pretext to suppress and slaughter and remain in a martial society.

    sixthly, and beleive me, i can go on, such enmity as is constaly eschewed from Israel’s neighbours and objectors just adds to the rejection and reactionary reflex. If you are constantly telling everyone how much a people should be hated and driven away; i ask you: what do you expect them to do?
    Look, please refer to the lyrics for “Gun”.

    Feeling scared is a basic human instinct. After all, thats why we have armies, right??

    So, dont boycott israel. Play Israel. Have this “conversation with both Israelis and Palestinians” Add a jerusalem show to the tour as well.

    Comment left by BB · Tuesday April 27, 2010 · #

  53. ‘As one of the Hasbara trolls above wrote, “Israel is a wonderful country”. This is absolutely true if you are Jewish, have a white European skin, and are wealthy. It’s a country that sucks like most countries if your skin is dark. And it is absolute hell if you are Palestinian, much worse than apartheid South Africa.’

    That is racist rubbish. Half Israeli Jews descend from Arab, ‘Islamic’ or African Jews.

    Arab Muslims and Christians enjoy more rights in Israel than any Jew anywhere in the Arab or Islamic world, and more democratic rights than most Arab Muslims and Christians in the Arab or Islamic world.

    There are problems, as in any society. But no black south African could vote, let alone be a member of government.

    And if Israel is such a hell, how come most Israeli Arab Christians and Muslims would prefer to be included in Israel than have the borders redrawn to include them in a Palestinian state?

    You are also iterating the antisemitic trope of Jew=rich. In fact, Israeli Arab Christians consistently come above average in national income per capita statistics, while 16% of Israeli Jews live below the poverty line.

    Comment left by zkharya · Tuesday April 27, 2010 · #

  54. Dear Mr Scott-Heron

    I am writing in a possibly foolhardy attempt to sway you in your decision to cancel your performance in Israel. You have been a cultural icon for myself, my husband, my colleagues and my students for years and we were all ecstatically awaiting your scheduled show and are utterly crestfallen at your decision to cancel. I am a Jewish Israeli university lecturer; I teach African-American music and literature, and I co-teach with an Arab Israeli professor a course on minority literatures, comparing African-American with Arab minority cultures as a way to engage in the kind of dialogue I am afraid the demogogues who’ve posted here below seem to reject. All-the-while self-righteously quoting your own lyrics, it seems that for many here the revolution has been televised, as their understanding of the conflict is based on the images which TV networks and internet portals post and publish.

    Performing in Tel Aviv you would be free to express any criticism – political or cultural – that you saw fit: for or against the Israeli government and policies; a freedom I am not sure would be so readily available in a parallel performance in Gaza. (That said, I have no doubt that you have a wide fan-base in the Palestinian Territories and performing in Tel Aviv should not preclude a performance elsewhere!)

    But don’t fall silent. Don’t succumb to the extremist, over-simplified version of a conflict so complex that state rulers and entire populations, for over six decades, have struggled to make head-or-tails of. It is the silence which makes room for hate to grow and misunderstanding to fester.

    In the liner notes of your latest CD you urge your listeners to listen to it for the first time under optimum conditions. I urge you, shut out the noise; it’s your world, make the first minute of every new day count, and help us in this war-torn, pseudo-civilized world hear the music.

    With many hopes and much respect,

    Dr Keren Omry

    Comment left by Omry · Tuesday April 27, 2010 · #

  55. Sorry to hear you’ve given in to pressure from these dimwits.

    Comment left by anonymous · Wednesday April 28, 2010 · #

  56. Dear Gil,

    As someone with highly eclectic tastes in music, my “popular MP3 player” can flick from Norwegian jazz to Tuvan throat-singing to English wassail to Algerian Rai to Mayan lullabies. As such, your music has always represented sign-posts on my musical map with individual snippets or concepts being instantly recognizable.

    As someone who believes that the Israel-Palestine conflict should be solved by those who would have to live with the resolution, I was pleased when I heard that you were intending to preform in Israel where you would have been welcomed by ordinary Israelis, including both Jews and Arabs.

    From the outset, I anticipated toxic opposition from vocal self-appointed arbiters of political correctness (in the original sense). And this, as you know now, is precisely what you encountered at the Festival Hall in London this week.

    I can assure you that such individuals do not the permission of the “overwhelming majority of Palestinian society”, as they may have claimed. If they did not identify themselves, I know they are associated with organizations such as Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott (PACBI). In 2007, this was instrumental in what I can only describe as a dog-in-the-manger <a href=“”>sabotaging</a> of the OneVoice peace movement concerts at various locations in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

    OneVoice has grassroots support from both ordinary Israelis and Arabs: two wounded peoples who know that both have their painful memories, but are not in remembrance of atrocities past to the exclusion of working for the establishment of an overdue Palestinian state secure Israeli state. It should now be apparent that they are the enemies of peace, and interested firstly in their self-aggrandizement and secondly in preventing the normalization of Israeli society as well as dissenting Palestinian Arab opinions.

    Recent examples of cultural spite in the United Kingdom include similar disruptions of concert recitals by the Jerusalem Quartet, which include close associates of Daniel Barenboim, founder of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra: in March this year, an on-air broadcast by BBC radio was interupted; as was a performance at the 2008 Edinburgh International Festival.

    Individuals involved with the latter have also intimidated the Edinburgh Film Festival which was receiving a mere three figure sum from the Israeli Embassy (causing the director Gary Sinyor to return in protest his award for his debut film, Leon the Pig Farmer); and targeted a community festival in Leith near Edinburgh on the grounds of its receiving sponsorship from a nearby sewage treatment plant which was assumed to have Israeli business interests (they, fortunately, ignored the threats).

    The singer-songwriters Paul McCartney and Morrissey have also performed Israel, and initially received similarly veiled threats of a crashing fan-base or support: neither materialized. Having read accounts of your genuine fans at this week’s concert – that is, not people who were dimly if at all aware of you until they were informed of your intention to play in Israel – I know there is uniform disgust at your treatment.

    These groups seek the promotion of their own egos and, like the neighbourhood bully Bob Dylan sung about, the capitulation of their victims. From personal experience, I know that when met with resistance or public criticism, they retreat.

    I have witnessed the hatred you did, and know it is deeply, deeply distressing; and find your confusion to be entirely understandable. I commend you for the sharp presence of mind in the retort you are reported to have delivered. Yet, my heart sank when I read you had decided to cancel your performance in Israel.

    Even if you feel you cannot continue, I just wish you to know my – and many other’s – feelings on the subject.

    Comment left by Alec Macpherson · Wednesday April 28, 2010 · #

  57. Its been 3 months that my earphones plays
    “I’m new here” wherever I walk in the street of my town Tel Aviv.

    I thought a lot about the rights and wrongs and what would be my own stance in that matter of boycotting via music.

    You just don’t put down mess and hatred with more hatred.
    I can’t believe that its ever works.

    There’s only ONE thing for me to say,
    in hope you are actually reading it.
    hoping that others here might listen to it too.
    i Hope, while trying to do my best.
    Big love and great Respect.

    Stevie Wonder – Love’s In Need Of Love Today

    Good morn or evening friends
    Here’s your friendly announcer
    I have serious news to pass on to every-body
    What I’m about to say
    Could mean the world’s disaster
    Could change your joy and laughter to tears and pain

    It’s that
    Love’s in need of love today
    Don’t delay
    Send yours in right away
    Hate’s goin’ round
    Breaking many hearts
    Stop it please
    Before it’s gone too far

    The force of evil plans
    To make you its possession
    And it will if we let it
    Destroy ev-er-y-body
    We all must take
    Precautionary measures
    If love and please you treasure
    Then you’ll hear me when I say

    Oh that
    Love’s in need of love today
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    People you know that
    Love’s in need of love today
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    It’s up to you cause
    Love’s in need of love today
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    Don’t-you’ve got to stop it please
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    round break-
    And it tried to break up many hearts
    ing hearts Stop
    You’ve got to I’ve got to They’ve got to
    it please
    We’ve got to They’ve got to We’ve got to
    Stop it before it’s gone too far
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    Love’s love’s in need of love
    love’s in need of love
    Did you ever think that love would be in need of love today
    to-day don’t
    Don’t delay
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    Hate’s hate’s
    hate’s goin’ round
    Bring it down a little love is very peaceful
    So bring it down a little
    stop it please
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    don’t delay
    right away awaaaay
    love’s in need
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    hate’s goin round
    breaking hearts
    Well, please stop it
    Um L-O-V-E love Oh, L-O-V-E lo————-ve
    love’s in need
    of love today
    don’t delay
    right away
    Just give the world LOVE.

    Comment left by Ray-V · Wednesday April 28, 2010 · #

  58. How the hypocrisy rang louder than the music on Saturday night. I was a big fan of Gil, and a big fan of his fans. However, now I am disillusioned.

    Perhaps all you British, middle-classed, yuppie ‘freedom fighters’ seemed to miss out the fact that Gil is also playing ‘Northern Ireland?’ Because I certainly didn’t hear anyone shout out in support of a boycott of playing ‘Northern’ Ireland? Perhaps my state opressed identity/culture and language must not be cool or hip enough presently to show support for?

    Before you pen your retort in what will probably be a most defensive form to tell me how I’m wrong. Try and open your mind, you know the way Gil tries to make you. Honestly, how can you not call yourself a hypocrite for shouting don’t play Israel whilst all the same the state you belong to oppresses Ireland’s struggle for independance, peace and equality. Ireland is right beside you, just a couple of hundred miles west of where you live and Gil’s playing there too. Not even one shout? Double standards much?

    Comment left by Ruairí Mac an Dhéaghanaigh · Wednesday April 28, 2010 · #


    Comment left by Joshua · Wednesday April 28, 2010 · #


    Comment left by Abigail, an ashamed Israeli. · Wednesday April 28, 2010 · #

  61. I like Gabrielle Tierney’s text, published as a comment on the april 21st. I totally agree.
    It’s good that finally the Tel-Aviv show won’t happen. But I am still very shocked and disillusioned. What a shame.

    Comment left by chaamba · Thursday April 29, 2010 · #

  62. GSH has failed his core principles by cancelling his Tel Aviv show.

    Such a shame.

    Comment left by Joseph · Thursday April 29, 2010 · #

  63. Any chance to get in contact with Gil’s management? I can probably offer a gig in Russia on July 17th.

    I want also to sent you the PDF with a new album review printed in Russian jazz magazine – no way to find any email on the site to do it.

    Please, somebody, help me :)

    My deepest regards to Gil for his music and poetry…

    Comment left by Iouri · Thursday April 29, 2010 · #

  64. Dear Mr. Heron

    Your political (unjusitied) protest against the Israelis hurts me personally.
    Your music has been always an inspiration to me, now it’s bitter.

    I’m truly sorry about your wrong conception about us.

    I was really waiting for you to come.

    Comment left by Shiri · Wednesday May 5, 2010 · #

  65. Even the volcano won’t stop you from spreading so much love

    Comment left by Tweadle · Monday May 10, 2010 · #

  66. If you truly cared about people and any struggle the Palestinians say they are experiencing (a great thanks to their own political leaders as well), then you would play in Israel or anywhere for that matter and DONATE THE MONEY to the needy Palestinians.
    I’m tired of so called performers taking a political stand when the people really need money & jobs-both which you could offer with a concert in the Middle East.
    You are not that great, you have become an old has been.

    Comment left by Darby · Friday May 21, 2010 · #

  67. Well done gil. I was gutted when I saw you were playing tel aviv, always knew you would see sense. God bless you, you’ve inspired me for many many years and continue to do so x

    Comment left by Irishpat · Monday July 5, 2010 · #

  68. Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

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    Comment left by razzy · Sunday February 20, 2011 · #

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  75. I LOVE GIL passion!

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  77. How the Edinburgh gig – April 21st, 2010 – cancelled too?
    I don’t get information about the Edinburgh gig.

    Comment left by Tweet Shops · Thursday March 17, 2011 · #

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  79. Hi,

    To understand the situation in Israel, the different perspectives and narratives one must visit the place.

    As Mark Twain said: “Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice and narrow- mindedness

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  81. R.I.P. You will be missed. My heart is broken.

    Comment left by Dee Batis · Friday May 27, 2011 · #

  82. Rest in peace warrior. You were something else. Thank goodness for you.

    Comment left by Sandra · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  83. merde…i will miss you bro..

    To his family and his followers> condoleances:(

    mi casa es su casa !!

    he gave me a lot of hope..and today meme a paname..ITS WINTER IN AMERICA….

    he was a truly GRAND ARTISTE


    Make sure your kids and friends listen to his albums !

    Luc reporting live from Paris France

    Comment left by Luc Fourcade · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  84. Rest in Peace Brother Gil

    Comment left by Ian Harris · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  85. Sorry to hear of Gil’s death. RIP Gil – may the spirits be with you. Your music and words have been important to me, and will live on. Thank you Mr Heron.

    Comment left by Andy Mackenzie · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  86. Peace Go With You Brother

    Comment left by Rich · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  87. May you have a peaceful transition into the next world. You helped make this world a better place. I honor your truth and will never forget your talent and commitment to your soul’s purpose. Thank you.

    Comment left by Bill · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  88. I heard you my brother and I have never been the same. Peace be unto you…

    Comment left by Suzette · Monday May 30, 2011 · #

  89. I was introduced to Gil Scott Heron by listening to his first album under the Dutchman label PIECES OF A MAN, in 1970.

    Since then I have tried to make it to each and every concert he has had, and I even made sure he came on the college campus for Black History Month while I attended college.

    I got to meet him, talk personally with him about issues he had encountered, recite his poetry before his concert started, and also to be critiqued by him after I finished as he hugged me for wanting to share his poetry to the world.

    I have followed his progress thru the years, and when he got out of jail, I also tried to keep up with his tours. I appreciate his prose, and also his music and I loved his voice. I attended one of his concerts and he did remember me and took pictures with me and my daughter that is posted on my FB page as I give him a 30 day tribute.

    There is a picture of him and I as my profile.

    I am a radio announcer and this past Sunday on on Showtime with DJ Daze.

    I devoted my entire 3 hours show to TRIBUTE TO GIL SCOTT-HERON and I played a lot of his music. Lots of people say my poetry reminds them of Gil, and I am honored for people to say that, because he opened up my conciousnes thru inspiring me to write what I see and feel….

    Next week, I will have edited even more of his music and I will start my show off that way until I play all of his songs, and from time to time, I plan to play his poetry and music on my show from this point on, each and every week.

    Gil Scott-Heron has inspired me and my children to write poetry about the issues, and events we face in everyday life and we must now, along with all others as Concious Poets, continue where he left off.

    We owe this to the world.

    RIP GIL, we love you and appreciate all you have done to wake us up and to open our eyes to issues that we never quite understood…..

    Comment left by Mamacita · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  90. Gill Scott is Not Gone
    By Carolyn Baxter

    I remember the day’s when Gil Scott Sang about the haves an the have Nots
    Ready to pull a coat an fire a shot!
    The Days were ‘’Winter in America ‘’ the Time was N O W
    ‘’The Midnight Band’’ was a Band of Gypsy’s Runnin with Hendrix an Buddy miles for day’s on end in the hope of Revolution…
    But then was then
    an was is now
    regressed backward to no words of LOVE
    No Lennon
    No White Dove
    stay Dressed
    No Musical Experiment.
    Complacent request
    the guest that stayed to long
    to forewarn any one who wants
    or hears the song of what was
    has gone wrong…
    War’s as soft on the head as TV Commercials
    The Dead not even a Memory
    Sociality an Poetry is Pain
    With no Gain.

    Shredded, Dreaded, in the arms, minds
    of so called ‘’Fiends’’
    A Blood an a ink Tattoo that says ‘’No EXIT’’
    in Swirling pipe Smoke
    in the dead of night.

    Smoke stitch the lungs together
    with nothing Clever
    with skull an cross bones …
    Pussy an Crack is a hell of a Plight!

    Gil’s Dreams still write.

    Gil Scott is Not Gone
    don’t feel sorry for his Youthful Scars,born
    of his Song’s of Might
    Clarity of sight.
    When he saw men livin in the bottle
    Ripped to shreds
    runnin scared…

    Gil Scott don’t have a problem
    Fame is no longer there to try and solve them

    like Huey P
    have the need to ease their mind
    to deal with the sanity of accepted insanity.

    poets have to ease their mind
    when events entwine their rhymes right
    became wrong
    leaders were killed
    Worn Rhythms not out lived
    lack of change.

    people were infiltrated experiments in Social Chaos
    on the Forward
    on the life line
    on the be on time
    On The Welfare Line.

    poets have to ease their mind
    When there is no Harvest of Trust
    nothing to pick and watch grow
    or see Colors of the bitter taste of Victory won by the People!

    poets have to ease their mind
    When understanding the world is a simplistic
    infantile oxymoron called ‘’a Leader ‘’
    Who trains Blind Society to see thing’s his way.

    As People ‘’snort’’ and ‘’moo’’ along footsteps
    of wasted Time of a Hateful Past.
    poets have to ease their mind
    When Commercialism
    and Materialism is everything Beautiful.

    Where people are Judged by how many arrests,
    Chains, and Bars imprison one
    to Self Measurement.

    Don’t feel sorry for Gil Scott the poet
    the Musician or his Lov’s and Lifes Fables
    not the Label
    ’’ the Father of RAP ‘’
    the First poet in the Company of the Last poets.

    Gil Scott is Not Gone
    Gill Scott is watching from a height of Understanding
    from a Throne of Personal Peace
    Protecting the Soul
    Protecting the perception of Pain
    of Torture
    of NOW
    Gil has to ease his mind
    Gil has to ease his mind
    Because he Never owned Tears

    Comment left by CAROLYN BAXTER POET · Friday June 3, 2011 · #

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