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I'm new Here

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video: I'm New Here

Tuesday June 8, 2010


  1. I’ve written a new piece, “blues for obama.” that has Scott-Heron all over it. Time has come today for the one and only to record it ‘cause the revolution will not be televised.
    If interested, let me know:

    Comment left by John DeBrizzi · Thursday June 10, 2010 · #

  2. Fantastic, beautiful, awesome! Sung by a man who knows what he’s talking about. You gave us chills. My wife is crying right now after watching “I’m new here”. Please come to Santa Cruz, CA. This town would love to see and hear your brilliance. We would love to share a bottle of our favorite local wine with you.


    Phil & Lisa Lee
    Soquel, CA

    Comment left by Phil & Lisa Lee · Saturday June 12, 2010 · #

  3. Me and the devil is moving i am getting goose bumps all over, keep doing what you do.

    Comment left by Monzer · Saturday June 19, 2010 · #

  4. man, i was reduced to sobs the first time i heard that voice 30yrs ago…it just got me again. gil, welcome back, will you show me around?

    Comment left by chuck · Saturday June 19, 2010 · #

  5. Mr. Gil Scott-Heron … still showing us the way … welcome back “Spiderman”!


    Comment left by Bernard Rouse · Saturday June 19, 2010 · #

  6. So nice to hear your voice and see your smiling face again.
    Blessings to you.

    Comment left by Rob Martin · Sunday June 20, 2010 · #

  7. A friend introduced me to your music some time back . . I’m still in love with you!
    Thanks for sharing your awesome gift with the world. Blessings.

    Comment left by Doris Stephens · Sunday June 20, 2010 · #

  8. already had the album. just tweeted that Seth Godin felt it was a ‘gift’ – and he’s right.
    and you are such a gift that I had to come see the video again, like a beloved book that I stopped reading years ago because I grew to know it by heart.
    and here’s that gift again.

    Comment left by Terrintokyo · Sunday June 20, 2010 · #

  9. This is amazing!….I knew you had been in touch with reality way before now!….I love it and thanks for sharing your foreseen knowledge for many generations! Peace and Blessings/Benefits, BBB

    Comment left by Blackbeltbeauty · Sunday June 20, 2010 · #

  10. Not what I’m used to coming from u. Too easy to sell out. Suck it up and bust something fresh. This just ain’t it. Thumbs down!

    Comment left by tunckdr · Monday June 21, 2010 · #

  11. I’ve followed your music my entire adult life,glad to hear you. Keep doing what you were created to do! You’re so enlighting.

    Peace go with you my brother


    Comment left by R.Ponds · Monday June 21, 2010 · #

  12. I’ve followed your music my entire adult life,glad to hear you. Keep doing what you were created to do! You’re so enlightening.

    Peace go with you my brother


    Comment left by R.Ponds · Monday June 21, 2010 · #

  13. Awesome! Simply, awesome. There’s a calming in this song. I hope you come to Chicago. I was at the Green Dolphin some years back to see in concert, but things happened and I didn’t get to see you. I still have my CDs, and I still hope you sign them. You are an amazing poet. I understand you’re new here…no more tiny jigsaw pieces. We’ve been waiting.

    Peace, brother.

    Comment left by B-Love · Tuesday June 22, 2010 · #

  14. My laptop only stopss gos so bad i never grt to listern to any mumusic or vedio to comment on.

    Comment left by Russell Stringfield · Wednesday June 23, 2010 · #

  15. The Godfather of ‘MEANINGFUL’ rap is back. I was teaching some young people in one of the summer programs, I let them hear and explain ‘The revolution will not be televised.’ That was the best class I ever taught. Keep it coming Gil Scott-Heron.

    Comment left by Nathaniel Green · Thursday June 24, 2010 · #

  16. Hello, I am enjoying the videos but it keeps stopping briefly after every few lines. How can I stop this? Some are worst with this defect than others.

    Helen Boyd

    Comment left by Helen D. Boyd · Tuesday June 29, 2010 · #

  17. a God sent word. i am new here again. have missed you gil scott. it has been 30 or so years. eternally….

    Comment left by kweli · Tuesday June 29, 2010 · #

  18. I have been asking around at record store, anywhere i can find you. nobody could tell me, only jil scott. I am so glade you are back to let the world know and the young people and to enlighten all of them as you did when i saw you live sometime ago.GLAD YOU ARE BACK! GOD BE WITH YOU!

    Comment left by jackie Eddens · Tuesday June 29, 2010 · #

  19. Saw and heard you for the first time in Edinburgh Scotland around 25 years ago – have listened ever since. I live in Melbourne now and wondering if you are planning to visit Australia and perform anytime soon?

    Comment left by Palma · Thursday July 1, 2010 · #

  20. i took a few minutes to listen to the original song, sung by smog. ok, just asked myself had he e-mailed gil to thank him for really putting this song on the map?
    had not gil borrowed it as a cover for his new album, i never would’ve heard it because i wasn’t familiar with the artist who’d penned the brilliant text and watch very little youtube, etc.
    no disrespect to the original artist, but gil really gave this song a new lease on life.
    been hearing lots of folks complain about the new album? for those who dislike the lyrical directon gil has chosen i refer you to a brilliant piece he did with malcolm cecil (a poem for jose campos torres) in which gil himself says “i’d said i wasn’t gonna write no more poems like this…” take some minutes and listen to it for yourself.
    malcolm cecil’s synthesizer work backing gils lyrics on that piece touch every nerve! would’ve been virtually impossible for the young xxl group to reproduce anyway, so why not experiment with something new?
    do the lyrics.

    Comment left by herbert · Tuesday July 6, 2010 · #

  21. Gil Scott Heron is greatly appreciated in my region,a genius and a great talent:never completely appreciated overall. Too bad you are missing something extremely special and necessary.

    Comment left by peedogg · Monday July 12, 2010 · #

  22. I’ve appreciated Mr. Heron since I was first exposed to him on Saturday Night Live back in the 1970s.

    “What’s the word from Johannesburg!”

    Comment left by George Wilson · Tuesday July 13, 2010 · #

  23. I saw gill in Manchester recently. The Room was full. He was poor. Showcased afew unkowns to fill the show, and told afew cheap jokes about dwarfes? He performed winter in america and the bottle solo on his keyboard. no other highlights. He must of been on stage about 30-40 minutes.

    Comment left by gurnam · Thursday July 15, 2010 · #

  24. Simply beautiful.

    Comment left by Line · Saturday July 17, 2010 · #

  25. Dear Gil, i bought a ticket for the gig in bonn last year…this year i only visited the summerjam in my hometown cologne to see you. sadly you coudnt make it. nobody informed us about the reason why you could not be there to play and sing. can you tell me? and please come to cologne, germany to share your music with me, i invite you to a (famous) beer in cologne, a “kölsch”! go on building the dream and keep reaching your hand.
    greetings from cologne

    Comment left by Nils Schomers · Sunday July 25, 2010 · #

  26. My brother,

    It is hard to put into words just what you and your music means to me. Like Miles and others I won’t take time to list, I am thankful that I hit the planet when I did so that I could experience your gifts.

    I can’t explain all that your work means to me. I don’t know who first turned me on to you but it was in the 70’s. A great time to be a teen and to discover you my friend.

    How do I tell you of the great/thought filled times I had with friends in college @ NCCU while listening to you? Or how my time at Yale drama was made special because hearing/seeing you live at Toad’s Place made me feel at home?

    My dear brother how do I tell you what it means to pull out cassettes that I filled with favorites like “A Song For Bobby Smith” or “A Racetrack In France”, “Essex”, “Cane”, “Pieces Of A Man”, “ H20 Gate Blues”, “A Poem For Jose Compos Torres” and many, many,many others? I thank God for you brother Gil. I have you on LP, cassettes, CD and love it all! I’m surely going to get the new one too!

    I’ll stop here. I don’t have the gift of language to fully express myself. Please know that I am another person out here who loves you and all that you have given to us.

    I know, I’ll go home and put on some Gil! That says it all! I love you man! Be well!

    Comment left by Robert Beatty · Wednesday July 28, 2010 · #

  27. Hello Mr. Scott-Heron – I appreciate the resolve in your voice and I found this new song by chance – just when I needed to hear a calmly resonant voice that is heavy with stories.

    I’m new here, too. I am worried about all the people that seem forgotten…poor people, mostly. If there is anything you could do to ease the lives of forgotten children, please do it. If there is anything I could do to help you, please let me know. I am just an out-of-step white girl from S. Ga who plays banjo and has a couple of kids I am trying to keep close.

    Thank you for the song and the eyes gone tired and kind. Blessings.

    Comment left by Faith Rhyne · Friday August 6, 2010 · #

  28. First i gotta thank my dad AL and uncle Brady for introducing me to your music and poems, Mr.Gil i appreciate everything you have to say and im so glad your back. Im 37 ive been listening to you for 12 years now,riding around playing your music and poems loudly. I understand Real to Reel! You r truly a legend dont stop telling it like it is and may GOD continuously bless you and much love from the Chapmans! Welcome back we’ve been waiting on you…

    Comment left by Ashura · Monday August 9, 2010 · #

  29. I’ve always admire your style and the way u speak your mine! Keep on doing and saying what on your head. I 2 have something 2 say.
    please e-mail me at
    If u would like 2 hear my cd. thanks

    Comment left by smovword · Monday August 9, 2010 · #

  30. .




    Comment left by oriental curry · Saturday August 14, 2010 · #

  31. I’M NEW HERE is a seminal piece of work from an artist who remains at the forefront of rap, poetry and black america today – pure class!

    God bless you, Gil!

    Comment left by David B · Sunday August 15, 2010 · #

  32. Succinct as ever ..

    Comment left by dcw · Monday August 23, 2010 · #

  33. I`ve joined your gig in Munich this year.Nearly 30 Years after I heard your songs in a fantastic show in Bremen, Germany in 1982, your words, your lyrics and your music mean so much to me. Go on and on and on. Thank you!

    Comment left by Herbert · Thursday September 2, 2010 · #

  34. A friend of my sister’s sent me a clip of Gil referring to H20 gate, and 4 more years. I remembered these pieces of his like it was yesterday. I saw him for the first time at Central Park in NYC. I was just a young non political teen at the time. He woke me up to the world of politics, which I thought was conversation for men, as I felt it was a man’s world. It was during the time of the Viet Nam war.I’s glad there was some one who could reach my very unexperienced mind.

    I’d like to catch up with his WORD of today, since Obama.

    Comment left by Jewelanne Witness Star · Saturday September 4, 2010 · #

  35. I started dancing while i was listening to the song the 7th time. …and suddenly I was new there again!

    Comment left by René · Monday September 13, 2010 · #

  36. Dear Mr. Scott,

    I remember seeing you in the 70s on the campus of American University in Washington, DC. I was 12 and that was my first concert you were great and I loved your music from then on. Thank you. I’m New Here… Like the new you. Take care and keep up the good work. Peace & Love

    Comment left by Yvonne · Tuesday September 14, 2010 · #

  37. This CD is so owesome. Peace to you Mr. Heron you’re really a great man.

    Comment left by Yvonne · Thursday September 23, 2010 · #

  38. Hello Mr. Scott, I have a web radio that features recording artist and your name was provided by a mutual friend Ms Tami Lynn and would love to conduct an interview. Please email me at for details. Also check out the “Soultress SHow” podcast.

    Lady Soultress

    Comment left by Lady Soultress · Monday September 27, 2010 · #

  39. I am so happy to see Mr. Heron, he looks good. I have followed him for a long time and thought we were going to loose him. I don’t think the black community realize how important to use..luv u

    Comment left by mysoul · Sunday October 10, 2010 · #

  40. Hello. I invite you to email me so that we may talk. I would like to walk with you some of the way in your journey.

    Comment left by Delorisa Smith · Sunday October 10, 2010 · #

  41. I just attended a Me ‘shell Ndegeocello concert last night (October 16, 2010) at the Old Town School of Folk Art in Chicago and it was amazing. I have been listening to her music since I was first introduced to her music from an underground acid jazz cd compilation that had a song from her Plantation Lullabies’ CD. That was almost twenty years ago.

    I have been afforded an opportunity to see a portion of the range that is captured in each of her 8 albums and Me’shell never disappointed me whenever I experienced her music. Her music has helped me see the world and myself from a different point of view.

    The one thing I am taking a humble opportunity to ask the universe to do for me is to somehow manage to become the catalyst that provides an opportunity for her to meet Gil Scott Heron in person. That was one request she humbly placed into the universe during the second show that I attended and it would be an honor for me to somehow ensure this opportunity comes into fruition for Me ‘shell.

    I’m hoping it will also be an opportunity for Mr. Gil Scott Heron to receive a portion of the recognition he deserves for his spoken word/musical collaborations he created that helped inspire this dying breed of a phenomenally talented artist in Me ‘shell.

    Me ‘shell’s music is transforming and makes you think with every lyric. She is one of the purest examples of a professional artist that I have ever seen. I am completely convinced that Me ‘shell’s music is the most intimate extension of herself to the world.

    Comment left by Brandy · Sunday October 17, 2010 · #

  42. I love your music and thank you humbly for sharing it.

    Comment left by Cathrin · Tuesday October 19, 2010 · #

  43. Dear Gil,

    Words can’t describe the way your music sits in my heart. It has been there thirty years. Once I had a great collection of your albums, a dozen or so I think and I bought them all at one time. They have been lost to a friend long ago and I have managed to replace some songs here and there, when I look but I miss them. When I say that now “Shaw Mott” comes to mind. This last two weeks your song “Willing” comes through my thoughts so I wanted to look up the lyric and found your web page, my heart welcomes you, Namaste, listened to “I’m New Here” and realized in the most tender way – said it to myself, now to you – love you. Really! I cherish your being. Namaste.

    Comment left by Sean Murray · Thursday October 28, 2010 · #

  44. You have been with me for the past 40 yrs. Without your passionate words, tunes, and music’s I’d be dead a long time ago. After Vietnam I thought I’d never recover but Lilly Scott’s brilliant grandson kept me alive and believing again. When I get the blues I always look up you! Your daddy loves you, B. King

    Comment left by B. King · Tuesday November 2, 2010 · #

  45. Dear Mr. Gil Scott Heron,

    Thank you Thank you for last night at Yoshis in Oakland. Your soulful eyes twinkling as you had me laugh and cry. It was so good to see you and hear your rich deep voice again. The hug you gave me was like icing on the cake. Thank you for all the years you have given us. I can honestly say I love you. Life is a beautiful struggle, stay with us.

    Comment left by Sue Whitney · Sunday November 7, 2010 · #

  46. Hello Gil,
    we met many years ago, when I was 17 and singing badly with my first group, in D.C. Theater West..who adored and idolized you. We all did. I then met you years later, in Köln, and you remembered details and everything. Now, soo many years later…We are here. I know how difficult it is, to get a monkey off your back, and all the demons that follow you. Memories scar, hurts wound, expectations become sometimes, for awhile..a bit too wearying, demanding. You have a gifted voice, new, experienced, reminiscent, still here. Hold on brother, let those who want to love and support you, give you strength, hope and inspiration…
    your still little sis..
    p.s. would love to see you in Hamburg!

    Comment left by Camille · Friday November 26, 2010 · #

  47. Hey Gil,

    I am so glad you are free to be new here again!
    I wrote, and you wrote back.
    Good luck Gil, and thank you for the words of encouragement for my son when I needed them.

    Barb in Maine.

    Comment left by Barbara Randall · Saturday December 4, 2010 · #

  48. Please don’t wait another 15 years for your next album! The world loves you so much Gil, this is your time now… may your genius flow and may you find peace in your heart.

    Comment left by adam · Friday December 17, 2010 · #

  49. My darling Gil,
    Whenever I hear your voice my spirit smiles. Thank you for being you. I have asked the universe to keep you in its positive energy fields and to expand your spirit to receive all the love the world has for you.
    From my spirit to yours,I LOVE YOU!

    Comment left by Dena · Monday December 20, 2010 · #

  50. Mr. Heron,
    You are still my favorite entertainer of all time. I have followed your brillance since the 70’s. Although i have never seen you in concert i have always purchaced your albums. I have continued to use your music as an insperation and i try to instill that inspiration in my kids. What does not take us away from this evil world makes us stronger. You are that strenth despite what ever has troubled you. Be strong as ever my friend.

    Comment left by mark neeley · Saturday December 25, 2010 · #

  51. I have loved this brother from the first moment I heard him!

    Comment left by faahla · Sunday December 26, 2010 · #

  52. Yeah.
    A sunrise in the western skies,
    Good morning !
    Thank you.
    Joe McMullens

    Comment left by Joe McMullens · Thursday December 30, 2010 · #

  53. Gil, you are such a beautiful soul. The world needs your voice, I’m glad it’s able to be heard once again. Love.

    Comment left by Steve Owen · Friday January 7, 2011 · #

  54. Thankful for the day I first found your music

    Comment left by willis brounson · Tuesday January 11, 2011 · #

  55. Soy Mexicana y cuando lo del movimiento de 1968 tuve que salir huyendo de mi pais, con ayuda de amigos llegue a san francisco y fue aqui donde tuve la inmensa fortuna de conocer y escuchar al gran Sr. GIL SCOTT HERON desde entonces he seguido su carrera lo mas cerca de acuerdo a mis posibilidades, ya que no tenia los recursos para viajar e ir siempre a sus conciertos, pero tengo todos sus acetatos los cuales conservo con muchisimo carino y ahora sus CDs. Actualmente estoy trabajando en puerto rico y mucho agradeceria me informaran sobre todo lo del Sr Scott Heron, conciertos, presentaciones, etc. Por favor antes de morir me gustaria verlo y estrechar su mano como cuando la estreche en san francisco. Gracias Gil por tu gran aportacion en todo a todos los reconditos lugares donde has llegado.

    Comment left by ALICIA SANCHEZ · Friday January 14, 2011 · #

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  58. just watch your video in where did the night go , wonderful

    Comment left by olivia · Sunday January 30, 2011 · #

  59. You become full circle and be new here again, equals get better not bitter. You haven’t lost your brain, you haven’t gone lame, and you still got your game, moving into old people power with Gil Scott and Possum Slim leading the way. Your so old your brand new, I heard Betty Carter use that line and it applies to you. Blessings, Bill

    Comment left by B. King · Monday January 31, 2011 · #

  60. I’ve followed you from Arizona to Albany. I was your shadow for many years. My heart is bleeding, having seen you once again. You’ve been on a destructive path away from righteousness. What shall I tell my grandson?

    I still love you,

    Comment left by Judy Shabazz · Tuesday February 1, 2011 · #

  61. great song.. nice to hear

    Comment left by blog · Friday February 4, 2011 · #

  62. I remember meeting you Mr. Heron as a child when you played the drums with my Uncles while visiting Washington, DC. I have always loved your music and still have your albums inherited from my family. I treasure you and your music more than you will ever know. Keep sharing yourself. Much love.

    Comment left by taunja · Sunday February 6, 2011 · #

  63. God bless you, Mr. Scott-Heron.

    I’ve been a huge fan since some friends of mine discovered you around 1980 and hipped me. You feel more than just a kindred spirit, but like a friend — and of course, I have no right to say that, but then again I have to say it. Today, as I was walking, Pandora radio (yes, I have a GSH station) fed me On Coming From A Broken Home, and I knew it was finally time for me to buy this record. Something about it has kept from wanting to buy it, though I have heard 2 or 3 other tracks and have liked them. I guess I’ve been so saddened by your story, so sorry for you. But I heard so much character, so much wisdom, so much grace — your hallmarks really — that I knew I had no business feeling sorry for you. I was once again in the presence of something very deep, and simply felt nothing but gratitude and love for you. It’s Valentine’s Day today, and I recall a night at the Ibex Club in 1986, sitting at a front table. We were one of two white couples in an absolutely packed-to-the-rafters building — people spilling out into the streets. Space Shuttle! The great poet/musician was on fire and the band was smokin’. You very graciously and lovingly came over and handed my date (now my wife of 21 years) a rose. Thank you for your art, your insight, and your spirit. Thinking about you right now, I am resolved to stand a little taller and walk a little straighter. There are far too few people like you on this planet, but I know I need to dig a little deeper to spread it around. Thank you, my brother. Keep on keeping on.

    Comment left by Michael Sokolowski · Monday February 14, 2011 · #

  64. Thinking about you right now, I am resolved to stand a little taller and walk a little straighter. There are far too few people like you on this planet, but I know I need to dig a little deeper to spread it around. Thank you, my brother. Keep on keeping on.

    Comment left by perlunya web komunitas event organizer · Sunday February 27, 2011 · #

  65. I’ve seen Mr Scott at blues alley before, can not wait to see him again…..I have his new album I’m new here…loving it….thanks for making music,poetry,folks songs,life songs….we need artists such as yourself now more than ever

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  70. Fantastic, beautiful, awesome! Sung by a man who knows what he’s talking about. You gave us chills. My wife is crying right now after watching “I’m new here”. Please come to Santa Cruz, CA. This town would love to see and hear your brilliance. <a href=“” title=“pointblank lucu”>Pointblank Lucu</a> We would love to share a bottle of our favorite local wine with you.

    Comment left by somemap · Thursday March 10, 2011 · #

  71. I remember meeting you Mr. Heron as a child when you played the drums with my Uncles while visiting Washington, DC. I have always loved your music and still have your albums inherited from my family. I treasure you and your music more than you will ever know. Keep sharing yourself.

    Comment left by pb sule · Thursday March 10, 2011 · #

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    I have Buffer your vidoe and i’m very like your video. I have share your video to all my friends. Nice Man :)

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  73. Gil, you’ve been a huge part of my life for God knows how long now—both musically and in Spirit.We’ve both been through so many changes that it seems like an eternity,no? But with an eternity comes wisdom and you share yours with great depth and meaning. “Don’t Give Up” on Spirits will always be an inspiration for me!! Please come back to Portland Maine, I would love to feel your presence here and I believe you would find a Spirit amongst the youth here that you would find very contagious. Keep on Keepin’ on Brother May the Spirits bless you! Chuck Lawson 3/27/11

    Comment left by Chuck Lawson · Sunday March 27, 2011 · #

  74. Remember Gill Scott Herron

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  86. Dear Gil Scott-Heron, you have inspired me for many many years, I love what do and have done! All we do on this planet is relate to one another,and you make us a better species because you relate certain truths that manifest within us all,ones that we need to see,hear and think about. Thank You Sir.

    As well, my biz-partner an I have a beautiful space online Plaza Noir where we would love to host a video and profile of yourself. Please take a look at the site when you have a few minutes and let us know if having you on PNN is doable? Nothin but goodness and light


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  87. Haha very nice, I had a good laugh at it… hope they can come to Kansas some day to see it live!!

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  90. RIP!!!

    Comment left by Corey Williams · Friday May 27, 2011 · #

  91. RIP gil. thanks for the awesome music.

    Comment left by california woman · Friday May 27, 2011 · #

  92. R.I.P. Gil

    Comment left by tom stiglich · Friday May 27, 2011 · #

  93. R.I.P. …. I grew up on you, I’m not sure I can turn around … awww man …. this can’t be but Thanks, your music helped me through adolescence.

    Comment left by Jose · Friday May 27, 2011 · #

  94. Gil Scott Heron:
    You defined my generation. You were the spirit within that made us believe the world could be a better place. You were a life changer. Rest in peace.

    Comment left by Sabrina · Friday May 27, 2011 · #

  95. you passed away….gone but not forgotten….R.I.P.
    love and respect to you and your family…thanx for your words and your music…

    Comment left by Dietmar F. · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  96. Gil Scott Heron: Rest in Peace. As a white brother you opened my eyes a bit more when I first heard your music back in ’72. Your love, your humor, and righteous anger, and above all, your poetry that gave you a voice worth listening to

    Comment left by Jerry J Moe · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  97. My son came in late last nite. He asked me if I had heard… I have loved Gil since the 70’s when my cousin said you got to listen to this cat. I did and it was love at first sound. Gil made you think. He made you cry. He made you smile. The nights of my youth. The smell of cherry incense and drinking wine and hearing the sound of Mister Gil Scott Heron. I will never forget you my brother. RIP and prayers to your family.

    Comment left by Nannetta · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  98. Thanks for wonderful words of wisdom.

    Comment left by mrtroll1948 · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  99. Copyright by Victoria Rowels, 2011

    Back in the day.
    when records would play,
    the sound was cool
    and took you to school.
    From The Last Poets
    To brotha Gil,
    messengers filled the bill.
    His soul was pure but his life was not.
    Angel dust, 3 hots and a cot,
    took its toil and slowed his roll.
    But Gil held on and stayed the course.
    He came back strong and in full force..
    “I’m New Here” says it all.
    Who among us has not taken a fall?
    In the night, Gil’s words bring light:
    “No matter how far wrong you’ve gone, you can always turn around.”

    Copyright by Victoria Rowels, 2011

    Comment left by Victoria Rowels · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  100. Rest in Peace Mr. Scott. Thank you! Enjoy your new ride!

    Comment left by Melisa Brown · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  101. Rest in Peace, brother. rest in Peace.

    Comment left by Thomas Wilson · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  102. This really hurts. Peace go with you Brother.

    Comment left by Sarah · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  103. Here’s my CORRECTED comment:

    Back in the day.
    when records would play,
    the sound was cool
    and took you to school.
    From The Last Poets
    To brotha Gil,
    messengers filled the bill.
    His soul was pure but his life was not.
    Angel dust, 3 hots and a cot,
    took its toll and slowed his roll.
    But Gil held on and stayed the course.
    He came back strong and in full force..
    “I’m New Here” says it all.
    Who among us has not taken a fall?
    In the night, Gil’s words bring light:
    “No matter how far wrong you’ve gone, you can always turn around”

    Copyright by Victoria Rowels, 2011

    Comment left by Victoria Rowels · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  104. Go to your well earned sleep my friend,go like one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams.
    You will be missed my brother,but your words will remain infinite.
    Thank you for the words of life and I hope all young people will listen to all of your
    poems/music.To your family,celebrate his life
    and remember the good times,and cherish them.

    Comment left by manny · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  105. peace brother.


    carpe diem

    if your not living on the edge your taking up far too much room.

    peace after revolution!

    Comment left by squorky · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  106. Gil Scott wow memories of traveling from gig to gig with my ex Mickey and my dear brother DC, learning new faces places and the music oh my God lessons in life, colors, history, misery and Love Love Love after the road we all need Love. Thank you for the memories now the real stories will be told God rest your weary Soul no matter how bad it got you still had those eyes seeing what others could not your ear to the ground ready to put it all to a sound. Love Malika

    Comment left by malika · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  107. You were America’s conscience. You were the Everyman’s Cornel West; the articulation, verbalization and evaluation of the situation. You will always be a treasure.
    Rest in the arms of the Lord.

    Comment left by Lowell · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  108. I love you Gil! your music has meant so much to me and it will always be in my heart. RIP brother.

    Comment left by TT Tasha · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  109. You can change your life. No matter how far you’ve fallen, you can rise up, turnaround, come full circle and be new here again.
    Brother Gil, thank you for the wisdom, the power of your words and music that have served as my life’s companions. May you now find the peace in the next life that so eluded you in this one. Few that have traveled this way deserve it more.

    Comment left by Cedric · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  110. Friend,
    Thank you for all the great tunes. You got me through the 70s and 80s and influenced a lot of what I listen to today. You will be sorely missed.

    Sweet Dreams,
    Chuck Higgins

    Comment left by Chuck Higgins · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  111. Thanks Gil for being a Pioneer … for opening the doors for us Rappers.

    I earned the Getty Oil Company shareholders 4 Billion Bucks
    On the Reserve acquisition; the way they treat me — it really sucks!
    As the Getty inheritors bask in glee;
    All I asked for was that they look after me.
    Four billion dollars they earned on Reserve
    My fee I surely deserve.
    It turns out J.P. Getty may have been a Nazi;
    His family even goes back to Germany.
    With Hitler, Goring & Goebbels he did stand;
    While trying to undermine the American land!
    For paintings & artifacts he did receive
    With his oil he was able to deceive?
    Hoover & the FBI and Roosevelt they knew
    That J.P. Getty & espionage he drew!
    Many a young lad and Jew did die
    As planes dropped bombs from the sky.
    For years while Getty sat in Berlin
    He may have committed many a sin.
    The ashes and smoke from the chimneys it rose
    While old man Getty sat cozy; he chose.
    With artwork held tightly under his arm
    Still dripping in blood — as the real owner met harm.
    Into the ovens & on meat-hooks, bullets between the eyes
    Listen very carefully you can still hear their cries!
    While the Gettys sit in England; at their estate at Wormsley
    And Gordon sings in San Francisco
    With his 727 in tow.
    The Getty museum sits atop Malibu
    While the corpses of World War 2 scream — J.P. Getty — We know you!

    Comment left by Grant MacDonald · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  112. Thanks Gil Scot-Heron

    Comment left by Grant MacDonald · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  113. enlightenment is realizing that eternity pass, eternity present, and eternity future,
    is new every time, welcome to your new place Mr. Gil Scott Heron. Hope to meet you there one day.

    Comment left by truth dot com · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  114. Bro. Gil, your revolution wasn’t televised. But, we have all benefited from what we couldn’t see. RIP

    Comment left by Dr. Todd · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #


    Comment left by ANTHONY D. SOLONE · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  116. I’m sitting here thinking; if you never was born that Friday, April 1, 1949, which direction would our minds have gone, without your influence to dwell upon.. i feel the world would have been lesser.

    Comment left by James Marshall,jr. · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  117. I’ve never forgotten you. You spoke before they did.

    Comment left by Jay Stafford · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  118. Gil Scott-Heron ((RIP) you have been an great inspiration to me and I’m gonna miss you. Thank you for your blessings and encouraging words you gave me back in May of 1990 for my new business adventure and allowing me to converse with such a great person as you. I’ll always be your fan forever, May God Bless your soul! Xavier G. McKethan Sr. President of XGM NetworX formally Xnet Communications

    Comment left by Xavier G.McKethan Sr. · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  119. Rest In Peace Mr.Gil Scott-Heron
    I have loved you since the 70’s I will continue to listen to the knowledge given

    Comment left by Benjamin Shelley · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  120. 1959 to 1969…white in Newark…I knew nothing at that tender age except my best friends…Johnny and Jerome…their dadday lost a leg, on crutches but still drove that beautiful black car with the red leather…I just tagged along to the park to play basketball…My family left Newark after a bus hit our apartment on S 18th St and the liquor store that my father worked in part time was robbed (with me behind the register laughing and thinking it was all a joke) staring down the nose of a cold blue 38 Special…off to the suburbs of morris county…caught on to WBAI and Gil Socft-Heron and of course I could really relate…what I have done since is survive, in part because Gil opened up my mind…Who could ask for more…I will never forget you.

    Comment left by Andy · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  121. I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Gil. I will never forget his amazing performance at the Jazz Cafe London. Today I will remember you and always have your music to listen too. Thank you for your wonderful music and lyrics. Peace go with you brother. Love to your family

    Comment left by Alan Samuels · Saturday May 28, 2011 · #

  122. Mr.Gil Scott-Heron: Your message, your music, your soul affected us so deeply. From the first I heard you back in the 70s, you have been with me, and I guess I kinda thought you always would be. I love that you jumped back into your music before you left us – hope it brought you much joy, just as you’ve given us. Yes, thank God, your music will live on forever. Still the sorrow that you’re gone is real; many hearts are broken. This world is left with a huge void. May you rest in peace, brother Gil.

    Comment left by Bobbie Sullivan · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  123. I’m from Humboldt, a few miles north of Jackson,TN where Gil Scott was born and I’m inspired. I’ve never experienced poetry that was so magical and mystical and fluent and insightful and magnificiant.
    Gil will be missed, but his words will live forever!

    Comment left by Bill Maragle · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  124. If only I hadn’t spent so much time living in a vacuum i would have realised that Gil was still a genius.

    Respect and thanks

    Comment left by imaginarynumber · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  125. Truly sadden.

    Comment left by Camm · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  126. Mr. Gil Scott Heron,

    I listen and enjoyed your music as a young teenager, you’ve always been very special and blessed. May you rest in peace. Thank you for your gift, you shared with us.

    Thank you.

    Comment left by Jacquelyn Straughter-Bonniwell · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  127. I was a child of the 60’s. I have admired this man ever since. You say he is the god father of rap. No. He was the Bob Dylan of his people and his generation. May you rest in pease Gil. You were one of those rare people who changed the world for the better. People like Opra and Obama could not have been where they are now if not for people like you. I salute you brother. Signed, Pat Butler, as white as they come.

    Comment left by Pat Butler · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  128. One could ask what could he have been if it were not for the drugs.

    One response might be that the drugs allowed him to be who and how he was.

    Such a beautiful man and a beautiful spirit. Both came through in his work and his life. We have been privileged to benefit from his being on the planet.

    God Bless you Gil.

    Comment left by Rev Leon · Sunday May 29, 2011 · #

  129. R.I.P. Gil, I’ll will miss your political poetry, and wisdom, and world knowledge. This Great Man should only be judged by God.

    Comment left by Christopher Beach · Monday May 30, 2011 · #

  130. Anyone knows what CAMERA was used to shoot ‘I’m New Here’ (official video)? and what FORMAT
    Thank you

    Comment left by haya · Monday May 30, 2011 · #

  131. like my baby brother, rest, finally you have peace.I’ve been with you over 40 yrs. much love, oz

    Comment left by oz blizzard jr · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  132. Mis respetos, maestro. Descanse tu cuerpo en paz, que tu alma y tu memoria vivirán en constante movimiento.

    Comment left by El Pinta · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  133. we’ve been together since the 60s… No reason to change that; it’ll just be a little different…

    Comment left by Lyrical Segue · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  134. I just read an article on Gil ( ) and was sad to hear of his passing. He will be remembered.

    Comment left by Sienna Sunrise · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  135. I am grateful to the universe to have had the spirit and soul of Gil Scott-Heron for as long as we did. As long as we speak his name he will never be forgotten.

    My Darling Gil (My He),
    When ever I hear your voice, your music my heart smiles. I LOVE YOU and welcome your spirit as I meditate and pray. I know you knew you were loved…come to me in my dreams. A spirit kiss and embrace…we are forever united in the universe. You could always make me laugh. I LOVE YOU still…

    Your her

    Comment left by Soulmated · Wednesday June 1, 2011 · #

  136. Gil’s spirit will preciously live on, his messesage was and always has been very clear…I’ve had the honor to have loved him deeply, we shared a very special friendship.

    I am “blessed” to have recently “hugged” him and to softly whisper in his ear; “ya know Gil, in the words of Nikki Giovanni, hugging is the true revolution!”

    I am very sad to lose a friend who’s humor and lyrical wisdom fed our world poetic justice.

    Gil is truly missed.

    Comment left by nomalanga · Wednesday June 1, 2011 · #

  137. Sweet Prince you will be missed. Im new here myself. The revolution came and went,you showed me how to survive it.The World needs you still. Someone had to be the voice of reason.Thanks for allowing me to hear your voice. You used your gifts to the enlightenment of those who could not speak.We have come full circle and I for one saw as an honour to serve, to suffer, to engage, to fight, to build, to change the course of history. We finally OVERCAME. We may have been bloody, we may have grown weary, but we made it. Well Done. I will always remember you as the striking,strong, beautiful, young Black Man you were,when next we meet in the next life, I’ll tell you to your face. Goodnight Gill Scott-Heron

    Comment left by Mary Michelle · Friday June 3, 2011 · #

  138. I must give credit to my uncle (Dennis Campbell) for first introducing me to the genius and works of Gil Scott-Heron through his, then, new single (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised)on a 45 rpm. When he got the album I took the 45 home and accidentally played the other side. I’ve been a fan and an admirer ever since.

    More recently, I had lost touch with his work until a friend (Steven Small) played for me his album titled ‘Spirits’ featuring The Other Side (Parts I, II, & III) with part III being yet another version of ‘Home Is Where The Hatred Is’. I was a 10 year old all over again.

    After learning of the music world’s lost, last week, a neighbor said that he (Gil) had taken all of that good music with him. I quietly assumed my neighbor didn’t have a collection. But, I have a collection and I’ll be sharing “all that good music” with the all that have ears to hear… even though I’m new here… just like my teacher, Gil Scott-Heron, taught me to do.

    Comment left by JDNeely · Friday June 3, 2011 · #

  139. GOD blessed me with your spirit as a teenager just a few years younger than you,your gift touch me then just as it will always touch the world … you will always be remembered you are now truly at peace… your spirit lives forever

    Comment left by VDTOWNS · Wednesday June 8, 2011 · #

  140. Awsome man, I wish I could sing like you do

    Comment left by Jack · Tuesday July 19, 2011 · #

  141. This video is really great. This is the first time i’ve heard of Gill Scott-Heron

    Comment left by issa asad · Monday August 8, 2011 · #

  142. I am so sorry to hear of Gils’ passing. I am just a white kid of 51 years and when I first heard his beautiful words in 1970 I was hooked for life. The man grabs your heart and rips out our soul…take a look muth…fk he changed my world for the best. I will listen to him with joy and a tear in my eye for the rest of my life (but I was already doing that!) RIP my friend

    Comment left by greg · Saturday October 29, 2011 · #

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