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video: Gil Scott-Heron, Rest In Peace

Saturday May 28, 2011

From The Observer: “Jamie Byng, publisher of Canongate Books, was a friend of Gil Scott-Heron for more than 20 years. During 2010 they recorded this interview in London where the rapper-poet talked about his life and work, interspersed with intimate performances of his music. A fuller version of the film is to be released later in 2011.”


  1. Problem with video.

    Comment left by Dena Houseton · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  2. So very sad. How tragically ironic that GSH could speak so articulately about the essential duty we have to help others in need, while he was in such great need himself and could never receive the help that he needed.

    Comment left by Danny · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  3. Don’t usually comment about anything. I find it futile. Who listens anyway. But Gil,I still have his infamous album “Winter In America” I purchases it when it was first released. That’s been so many years ago.I still listen to it when I want to bridge the gap. He was unique. A gifted artist. I’m sorry to hear of his passing. I extend my heartfelt condolences to those who will miss him most.

    Comment left by Jerry R. McInnis · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  4. Just days after I listened to We’re New Here on green and pink vinyl, I got the sad news. My heart goes out to everyone who knew and cared about the man, his music and words. Irreplaceable – who can speak as articulately for the American music and social scene? Plus he survived drugs, prison, divorce and the sorry scene that US Black music has become. The world has lost a true poet.Watch ‘Black Wax’ and marvel at what he was!

    Comment left by Matt Hodd · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  5. I am grateful to the universe to have had the spirit and soul of Gil Scott-Heron for as long as we did. As long as we speak his name he will never be forgotten. When ever I hear your voice, your music my heart smiles. I LOVE YOU and welcome your spirit as I meditate and pray. I know you knew you were loved. I will see you next lifetime.

    Comment left by My Soulmate · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  6. As the Amish say, “It wonders me”…It wonders me that such an articulate, observant and sagacious prophet would go so inward and solitary in his final years. Says me, who always thrills at the sound of his voice; knowing something true and deep is about to be laid on the Listener…I guess his work was done—in his own way and own time—and he’s now on to the next level. Peace Out, Gil, with love.

    Comment left by Stone Soup Sally · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  7. I just read an article on Gil ( ) and was sad to hear of his passing. He will be remembered. He was a great one. May he rest in peace.

    With Love,

    Comment left by Sienna Sunrise · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  8. Rest in peace, gentle soul and visionary artist. Thank you for everything you have given us.

    Please comment and leave links on “Gil Scott-Heron Lives On” on facebook.

    Comment left by will doolittle · Tuesday May 31, 2011 · #

  9. Gil was one of my musical influences and late night radio mentors of my youth. Late at night, with only the glow from the FM dial, his “B Movie,” and “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” stirred up something important in my ears. 

    To learn what I believed in, then to stand up for it was what Gil was urging me to be..

    Comment left by NYCSubwayGirl · Wednesday June 1, 2011 · #

  10. I saw Gil play in Bolinas when I was very little – and the memory of that has never left me.

    A voice that has always been in my life has gone silent.

    I feel… bereft. Very sad.

    Comment left by zerode · Wednesday June 1, 2011 · #

  11. I remeber going to my sisters house as a little girl and she was playing this album that stopped me in my tracks. I asked her to play it again and again, then she said I have more. I spent the rest of the day listening to the albums. My sister later made me tapes, then as years passed she transferred the tapes to CD’s. I am now 41 years old and I still have all copies in which I played for my children. I constantly tease my older sister because I had a chance to see Mr. Gil Scott Heron in concert. I have not experienced that type of interest in an artist since then. Yes, I like different music but my collection is played constantly, so much that my teenage children know the words to all of the songs. I wanted to make sure they had the chance to experience the sounds of a talented, intellectual, humble, righteous, man. Is there no such thing as a Superman? It depends on your definition. Gil Scott Heron music will live on in my family tree!!!

    Comment left by Renee · Wednesday June 1, 2011 · #

  12. Sleep in peace my brother. Thankyou for bringing me thru the sixties and the vietnam war.

    Comment left by Jose Hernandez Jr · Wednesday June 1, 2011 · #

  13. Very sad to see Gil leave us. Very glad I can enjoy his music for the last 40 years. Saw him perform last year in Paris and Montreux. Gil solo with his piano and that voice and that wit! Peace Go With You Brother, Randolph

    Comment left by Randolph Bath · Thursday June 2, 2011 · #

  14. I always loved his music and influence on modern day arts. His voice was unique and powerful and demanded attention. You will be missed. R.I.P. my brother.

    Comment left by Brian Collier · Thursday June 2, 2011 · #

  15. Jamie, always keep the memories of Gil in your heart! Gil continues to ROCK our world. God Bless the poet, teacher, songwriter/musician & visionary!

    He may be gone but not forgotten!

    Now playing tribute mix!

    Comment left by Sandi Soler · Friday June 3, 2011 · #

  16. God bless you Gil Scot-Heron for the messages you sent to us in your songs. You were the Master of of what I call Message Music. Although you’re now gone , may your songs stay with us for a longtime. Rest in Peace dear brother as you will be long remembered as truly one of the great masters of our times.

    Comment left by Amin Al-Khalil · Friday June 3, 2011 · #

  17. I remember when I was a young lady (in age as I am now a young lady in heart)living in New York I had the pleasure in seeing Gil Scot-Heron at Madison Square Garden. My seat was so close to the stage. I always loved his music because to me they were stories and education. When I got to the show and realize how close I was to this “fine” looking man, I wanted to grab him and hold him tight. I am glad I didn’t but instead I was held to the magic of his voice, his words and his knowledge. It was a beautiful show. One that I will always remember. Gil Scot-Heron has planted a seed in my head that night and for this I am thankful. God bless him always. Sleep well my messenger. RIP.

    Comment left by Cerise Lody · Saturday June 4, 2011 · #

  18. Brilliant, a genius. I know Gil was a special Gift from G-d because only G-d’s very special , very unique ones are so tormented by the enemy of our souls. Rest in peace, Gil, in the peace you did not find while on this journey. Thank you for so many years of enlightenment , entertainment and artistry. We will always love you. You are much missed already.

    Comment left by Norma Wilson-Fogel · Saturday June 4, 2011 · #

  19. My heart weighs heavy in the reality of your transition
    And tear-stained eyes cloud my vision
    As I seek solace in the knowledge that your soul is at peace
    Gone now to soar in the freedom that all souls seek,
    Though your life-time encompassed mine, I am weakened w/ grief
    Gone too soon, your 62 years were much too brief,
    But this I promise you my brother, and always will
    You will remain alive, as I survive, to that time when my heart is likewise stilled,
    And though accepting your transition is hard to do
    I am thankful for the sustenance of your genius to help me through
    And will ensure the resonance of your voice, in devotion to you,
    I am not certain of the internal demons that conspired to cause you despair
    And led to the irony that was your genius and your blight,
    But I pray that all is now taken care
    And that your soul has ascended from its temporal darkness to eternal light,
    Thank you for sharing your gifts w/ us, and for making us proud to be Black
    For challenging our humanity, deriding our vanity, demanding mutual respect,
    informing our intellect, and helping us to separate fiction from fact,
    In the articulation of your message in all its forms, I have been sincerely attentive
    And while all have been profound, these are particularly comprehensive:
    “No one can do everything, but everybody can do something”
    In these I find the essence of our humanity, and as your spirit ascends,
    I will manifest this in my actions, as I carry you forward, until we meet again,
    I will share w/ others the gifts that you shared w/ me
    And will find the means to carry on your legacy,
    So Peace be w/ you Gil Scott-Heron,
    And please watch over those of us who love you as you leave us behind,
    Guide us in the path of your genius for the duration of our time.

    Comment left by A.D. · Saturday June 4, 2011 · #

  20. thanks to GSH for being himself
    thanks to everybody who worked with him
    thanks to all who truly listen to that eternal voice

    words like his have to travel for eternity
    for fighting people still have to fight
    and get inspired by true soul
    for liberation is the only luxury one can die for
    in this downward spiral that we call life

    peace yall
    from montreal,

    Comment left by s*é. · Saturday June 4, 2011 · #

  21. thanks for your message, for your music, forr your soul revolution and much more!

    in my blog, in memoriam GSH.

    salut & revolució

    Comment left by àngel / barcelona / spain · Saturday June 4, 2011 · #

  22. Very sad to hear of his passing. He was definately one of misics best. I remember his album called SECRETS. Check it out

    Comment left by wray · Monday June 6, 2011 · #

  23. Poem for Gil from Johannesburg

    Title : Farewell Gil

    He resembled a heron
    Towards the end

    A grey heron
    Ardea cinerea

    ‘Common resident…..
    No black on the back of the neck…..
    And pale yellow legs…..
    Solitary in the shallows…..
    Stands motionless for long periods…..
    Or creeps stealthily
    In crouched attitude…..’*

    Tall and lean
    A face that was marked beyond his years
    By copious amounts of the white stuff
    And I don’t just mean the white stuff

    A poet who could make you laugh and cry
    At the same time
    A performer who could keep you spellbound
    For even a ruffle of the feathers

    Whats the word?
    We shall miss you
    In Johannesburg

    Open up those wings Gil
    Three short steps forward
    Take off
    Come South to rest
    We will be waiting for you
    You are no stranger round here.


    (*Extracts from Newmans’s Birds of Southern Africa)

    Comment left by Stephen · Tuesday June 7, 2011 · #

  24. I was introduced to Gil Scott Heron at a young age when the mention of South Africa was foreign.I was awakened to a whole new level of consieceness .My youth through the 70’s was now lead by music of substance. All i wanted to hear was somebody sayin’ something.Thank you brother Heron my sons have been listening to you for years and respect your messages,and were happy when certain rap artists sampled your music.My sons and I will keep your spirit alive in our own music.Much respect my brother may the Heavens hear your voice
    Keith Bolden “Project B”

    Comment left by Keith Bolden · Tuesday June 7, 2011 · #

  25. hi,

    Gil Scott-Heron will live on in my life again and again day after day. See the website i did for him in 2001,

    Many people are very sad in France.
    Some french artists just record a tribute to gil, check it out :


    Comment left by stef · Wednesday June 8, 2011 · #

  26. His words were so inspirational!

    Comment left by Rostelle reese · Wednesday June 8, 2011 · #

  27. He death refresh my memories I am go to some music today

    Comment left by Mildred Sadler-Bryan · Thursday June 9, 2011 · #

  28. GSH moods lifted me in many ways . . . His words will be missed.

    Comment left by Dee · Tuesday June 14, 2011 · #

  29. Really sorry to hear about his passing away. I remember vividly listening a few years ago, for the first time, to some of his jazz work from the early 70’s at a friend’s place.The music blew me away.That memory has always stayed with me.

    Comment left by Marco · Friday June 17, 2011 · #

  30. I fell in love with this man’s music the very moment I first heard it, and I remember exactly where I was when I first heard it. I was a young 20 year old college student attending the University of Southwestern Louisiana. I am so glad that I was fortunate to see him live a couple of times, and I will forever long for his distinctive voice and edifying music. He is and will be missed!

    Comment left by Mark Saulny · Tuesday June 21, 2011 · #

  31. Your concert in Oslo in 2010 was amazing. I’m so glad I got to see you live before you went away. As a tribute I made a kinetic typography-video. Watch it here:

    Comment left by Hans Kristian · Wednesday June 22, 2011 · #

  32. interesting thanks

    Comment left by peter · Friday June 24, 2011 · #

  33. Black Socrates:Poet to the People (One Month Later)

    Comment left by Sandi Soler · Saturday July 2, 2011 · #

  34. I can remember well when I first heard Gil Scott Heron’s music, some 35 years ago while stationed at OSAN AB Korea, an older/wise NCO would play Gil as we sat around the “ hooch “ pondering life. Quite a change from the Motown I had grown up on, and quite a message, something to relate to especially if you were black and doubly if you were black male. Gil’s music followed me the rest of my life, and when times were hard or there was stress, I had a special Gil Scott Heron song to pull out and help get me through the rough times. From the birth of my daughter playing “ Your daddy Loves you “ over and over again to Angola Indiana as I watched this nation become a near police state, Gil’s music always stated relevant in my life. Gil was a master poet, master wordsmith and a genius who left us too soon. There will never be another who could connect with the pulse of black America so smoothly. His wisdom is there, but not heeded as it should be. Gil will be missed.

    Comment left by Alvin the First · Sunday July 3, 2011 · #

  35. A genius with words. But, oh, such a troubled life. God bless you brother Gil. A true fan.

    Comment left by Charles Rudolph · Monday July 4, 2011 · #

  36. Thanks Oscar:
    He was truly a giant among us!!! How are you and yours; take care.
    Love Nat

    Comment left by Nathaniel H. Moone · Thursday July 21, 2011 · #

  37. I’m was so sorry to hear that GSH had passed away, There have been 2 big influences on me when growing up to go beyond the borders of force fed conventional musical styles that you could only hear on radio at that time, (Sort of what is continuing to this very day). One was the music of Curtis Mayfield and the other was Gil-Scott Heron. Both of these artists not only had unique styles, but both suffered from tragedies in there personal lives but continued on creating. So rest now GSH, and I hope when you’re talking with God, that he might learn a lot from your brilliant mind and soulful demeanor. The bluesologist may be gone but his legacy remains forever. RIP

    Comment left by Alan Whitley · Friday August 12, 2011 · #

  38. Hello,
    I thank God for true talent. Talent that refreshes the mind like water refreshes hungry greenery. When you are special like Gill is, you can actually benefit others during your short stay on the planet. Loved In the Bottle, just one of my favorites….really struck home. My mother was an alcoholic. A record to remember, it is timeless like exceptional talent.

    Comment left by Pat Hassell · Sunday August 14, 2011 · #

  39. I was shocked and so sad when I heard of Gil Scott-Heron’s death. I have been a fan since forever. His music had such an impact on me as a young adult in the late 70’s and early 80’s.Bought every album, saw every NY concert! To me, he represents a generation that really tried to make a difference and create positive change. As a tribute, I plan to bring his poetic songs into my English classroom so a new generation can reap the benefits of his wisdom and talent.
    RIP Gil Scott-Heron: You will not be forgotton.

    Comment left by diane watson · Tuesday August 16, 2011 · #

  40. I just found out about his death and i can’t believe it. Rest in peace dear poet, thanks for your music and words! true artists never die!. i discover his music a couple of years ago and his last album is a such an amazing piece of art. truly influencial on me. considering that i am not near to his generation and also being a person from another part of the world.(latin america)

    good music traspasses frontiers with out need to jump

    Comment left by the sam · Tuesday October 4, 2011 · #

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